47,533 Japanese fans voted for K-pop male idols with the best singing skills

1 BTS Jungkook
2 Seventeen Dokyeom
3 NCT Taeil
4 Stray Kids Seungmin
5 TVXQ U-Know Yunho
6 SHINee Onew
7 BTOB Eunkwang
8 TVXQ Changmin
9 JYJ Junsu
10 SHINee Jonghyun

11 ATEEZ Jongho
12 Stray Kid Han
13 BTS Jin
14 TXT Taehyun
15 JYJ Jaejoong
16 BTS Jimin
17 EXO Baekhyun
18 Seventeen Seungkwan
19 Super Junior Kyuhyun
20 Astro MJ

1. Jimin’s encore caused controversy, the ranking is weird

2. U-Know Yunho?????

3. Jungkook sings well and his popularity is the best

4. Jungkook sings well and is so popular, isn’t it natural for him to get 1st place?

5. It’s not singing skills, it’s popularity

6. I’m not sure about Jungkook’s ranking, but Jimin and Jin couldn’t be there with their singing skills

7. U-Know Yunho, Jin, Jimin, Taehyun, why are they there?

8. Jungkook sings well but honestly he doesn’t deserve 1st place

9. Those who voted for U-Know Yunho, Jin and Jimin have no conscience

10. The Japanese don’t seem to know what it’s like to sing well, just look at Japanese idols

11. Dokyeom sings live so well

12. I heard that TVXQ will hold their concert at Tokyo Dome in June, they are so popular in Japan

13. DK, Taeil, Eunkwang, Junsu, Jonghyun, Seungkwan, they’re the best

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