47,533 Japanese fans voted for K-pop male idols with the best singing skills

1 BTS Jungkook
2 Seventeen Dokyeom
3 NCT Taeil
4 Stray Kids Seungmin
5 TVXQ U-Know Yunho
6 SHINee Onew
7 BTOB Eunkwang
8 TVXQ Changmin
9 JYJ Junsu
10 SHINee Jonghyun

11 ATEEZ Jongho
12 Stray Kid Han
13 BTS Jin
14 TXT Taehyun
15 JYJ Jaejoong
16 BTS Jimin
17 EXO Baekhyun
18 Seventeen Seungkwan
19 Super Junior Kyuhyun
20 Astro MJ

1. Jimin’s encore caused controversy, the ranking is weird

2. U-Know Yunho?????

3. Jungkook sings well and his popularity is the best

4. Jungkook sings well and is so popular, isn’t it natural for him to get 1st place?

5. It’s not singing skills, it’s popularity

6. I’m not sure about Jungkook’s ranking, but Jimin and Jin couldn’t be there with their singing skills

7. U-Know Yunho, Jin, Jimin, Taehyun, why are they there?

8. Jungkook sings well but honestly he doesn’t deserve 1st place

9. Those who voted for U-Know Yunho, Jin and Jimin have no conscience

10. The Japanese don’t seem to know what it’s like to sing well, just look at Japanese idols

11. Dokyeom sings live so well

12. I heard that TVXQ will hold their concert at Tokyo Dome in June, they are so popular in Japan

13. DK, Taeil, Eunkwang, Junsu, Jonghyun, Seungkwan, they’re the best

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Just people voting for their fave, like most voting


Congratulations to army, this votes is the proof of BTS popularity because we all know only jungkook can actually sing in BTS

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

I wish your mom cared about you as much as you care about armys but happy to say that’s not the case 😂

Fvck 'em

Spill. Armchairs can’t say jimin or jin can sing for shit lmao. There isn’t 40k quotes for their non singer for nothing lmaooooo

Teenaged puppy

Fag blinks shouldn’t speak on vocals when your entire group has not one vocalist. Rapper. Writer and tbh honest… dancer. Sit this one out and focus on them girlies getting clout without the help of a man



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Fuck you

This is ridiculous. Just change it to most popular or most favourite male vocalist. How tf yunho is higher than changmin and jaejoong. Actually he shouldn’t be here at all. Same to jimin, jin and etc lol


Are you saying that JUNGKOOK is the most popular kpop idol in the world if this so V should include in this also cause as per Google said V ànd Jungkook almost tie for the most popular kpop idol but as for JK singing ability no doubt he is 1st in this ranking cause for being a great vocalist should not only for the high notes or powerful voice but this include how a singer can pull off a song whether it’s in the high or low register notes its about SKILLS ..


why do people like to bring up this same poll every week like this is literally the same poll from like last month or two months ago ?


Jimin? kaajjskwlal


Seventeen dokyeom is really an amazing vocalist . Seventeen songs are really not my taste but this guy is really great


6. I’m not sure about Jungkook’s ranking, but Jimin and Jin couldn’t be there with their singing skills

Jungkook deserved his rank. But I agree the 2 sneaks shouldn’t be there


Jimin on the list, it’s confirmed rigged 😤


It’s not about it being rigged thry just prefer his voice I guess

Fvck 'em

How can you prefer screams and cracks? 😭😭 he gives nothing

Teenaged puppy

Ask blinks?


They don’t stan Pigmin

Like Crazy

blonks are mad cuz their fave could never be on a list for talent lmao Jungkook is the best idol vocalist, stay mad


That’s a list for MALE idols you dumb hoe lmao. PIGKOOK being number 1 and PIGMIN and Flathead hagjin being in the list made it rigged


It’s so funny how every posts in here, Blackpink is being brought up, whether it’s about MALE IDOLS or other groups somehow Ratmys bring up BP in the comments, BP are truly in their heads 24/7, they will never be irrelevant. Keep obsessing with them.🤭

Fvck 'em

Well, among tvxq changmin deserved a higher place rather than yunho. And definitely jaejoong and junsu should be higher as well.

Jimin and jin should be erease from this lodt because etf tneyrenot singers.

Jungkook has popularity AND sing amazing, do i agree with his 1st place.

I love Baekhyun, dk and Jonghyun power voice, so they totally should be in the best voices of kpop


Not mickymouse being in the list and slvthyung still not making it. All that sucky sucky is giving him variety shows and magazines but destroying his already bad voice

King kook

Jungkook is a good singer. He has great live vocals too. If this was a popularity thing V would’ve been on the list too. Although I have no idea what jimin and jin are doing in it


Notice how nobody questioning Seungmin’s vocal here. I’m glad people agree that he’s really good


Don’t even know how he sounds like, that’s why nobody is saying anything


I am an ARMY but i still think Seugmin deserves to be here on the list. Idk whether you guys have heard him or not but you should listen to his voice once. I first got to learn about his voice during the KINGDOM. This boy ATE the covers and vocals. But i don’t hear him much among all the skz but he shined in KINGDOM.

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The score here confirms what we already know. On the list of 200 greatest singers of ALL TIME there are 2 Korean artists: IU and JungKook.
See https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-singers-all-time-1234642307/rosalia-4-1234642320/.


Ya’ll really think just hitting high notes and screaming their lungs out are best vocalist. No mfs-Jungkook is the only idol who can fit in every genre of song they make and he has covered so far. He has very perfect vocal range and registration. As for the live you people are saying, Jungkook sings so stable even when he is jumping and playing around while live not lip syncing like most of your favs do. And for the POPULARITY EXCUSE that you guys are making is so hilarious like i see you kpoppies dragging BTS here and there saying BTS has lost their popularity and your favs are biggest group as BTS are joining military. But if one BTS members win any voting category then you all will be making excuses by mentioning the POPULARITY they have. And if you are so bitter about their popularity then vote for your fav and ask your fandom to vote for them instead of watching ARMYS and BTS for 24/7.
As for the jimin and Jin, they are also great vocalist, just because jimin messed his performance once doesn’t mean he is not a good vocalist that too with having problem in earmic. As for the Jin, before speaking anything watch Jin’s Epiphany and Awake live and then come here to speak your ass up. Just because your favs are not on list doesn’t mean this is rigged or based on just popularity 💀🤷


Second remark: it’s about Japanese fans, not Korean or any other country’s fans. Other country, other view on quality. It’s their choice about singing skills. They also may not know all K-pop artists. Not everybody is populair over there. I also don’t know all the names.


Jimin and jin sneak


Jungkook deserve first place, he is very talented!🐰😍🥰💜💜💜💜💜

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