4th generation big agency girl groups who dance and sing live well on stage





1. All 4 groups are good, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans are also good, the other two I already know

2. NMIXX is the best

3. LE SSERAFIM always does well on stage

4. LE SSERAFIM sings live so well. Especially Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin’s vocals are so good that I can only admire them

5. ITZY and NMIXX are the best

6. In terms of choreography, ITZY seems to be the best

7. I know ITZY and NMIXX, but I’m not sure about the other groups

8. This is the first time I’ve seen a group sing live as good as NMIXX

9. I like all HYBE idols, but when it comes to talent, I think JYP female idols are the best (based on 4th generation female idols)

10. NMIXX and ITZY are so good… For LE SSERAFIM, Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin are so good. I don’t know about NewJeans because I haven’t seen many of their stages

11. LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans always lip sync whenever I watch their performance

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I feel like newjeans should not be here as their choreos are not that hard. They are good dancers but it seem other 3 groups are better dancers. N tbh, i do think they lipsynch or having backing track alot. Their songs indeed very catchy tho.


I think their choreos are pretty hard too like they so jumpy if it makes sense


When we compare with nmixx, le sserafim n itzy choreos, newjeans choreo is less difficult

Yana Prim

based on itzys last 2 comebacks, i would say that itzy choreos are the easiest


No. They just dance messily


That’s what she said




the thing with some of these groups are they do sing live but they sing live on their shows that is not broadcast on tv or live like in uni festivals hence not a lot of people will know cause not everyone gonna tune in to fancams.

lesserafim kinda proves themselves last night , I think newjeans kinda need to do more live singing so people can make their own conclusion esp on performances that are broadcasted on TV like music shows and award shows but so far for Newjeans, Hanni and Danielle is stable , Haerin can be pretty shaky, Minji’s lines always the short ones but she did good on her lines too and not really sure about Hyein .

Aespa is good tho like does anyone not watching their MBC gayo stage recently ? And where is StayC ? Is this post only want to compare Hybe vs JYP artists ?


This post about singing+dance well which stayc aint really known for their dance skill.


NJ isn’t really known for both. They are known for being cute and their concept


Oh yeah kinda makes sense , thanks

Yana Prim

newjeans did some live stages on music show with hype boy and hurt lmao they literally already showed their live singing skills on tv


itzy and lsf sneak 💀💀💀


Itzy always sing live. They always release live vocal practice video. You’re the one who sneaked here


itzy don’t even sing, they just yell 😭😭 4 years into their career and they’re nothing but a dance cover group


nmixx, purple kiss only.

the rest are not gd at both. itzy for dance, but there’s no taeyeon or taeyang.

why is nj or le ssera even in the discussion????


New jeans and le sserafim? I don’t think so. They always lipsync. Ive does sing live more than them.


NJ did not open their mics even once in their debut era (even up until now) except maybe during shows where they don’t have to dance, and not only do they get a free pass for it, but their stans also hype their ‘live singing skills’ under videos where they’re clearly NOT singing live. Are their stans trying to brainwash casual fans or themselves? The way they get coddled is so amusing to me.

Lsf are NOT a vocally strong group (Chaewon is average and Yunjin is only slightly above average; girl really regressed since Produce days, the others I don’t even want to talk about) but their stages are energetic and engaging and they aren’t afraid to let their voices be heard over the backtrack, so you gotta give them that. They are a pleasure to watch.

Itzy is on the same boat as Lsf. Average vocals but their stages more than make up for it.

NMIXX and StayC are the ones who are deserving of this title. StayC’s ‘Way to go’ cover remains one of my all time favourite covers. REAL live singing without backtrack support, while doing that jumpy choreo. I was floored. And I think NMIXX don’t need an explanation.

I’d add Aespa too but there’s one glaring issue: their choreos/stages suck. And their concept seems to require that they look robotic on stage. I do think they work well with what they have, which unfortunately is not much. They’re definitely not the terrible dancers their haters like to think they are. They just really need to revamp their performance team.

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Well said. NJ fans are too proud of their live singing. Singing live does not mean their live is great. Without AR their voice would be just like shouting rather than singing. The example is their gda performance. It was messy.
I can say that nmixx is the only one who is worthy to be mentioned in this article.

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Yana Prim

you know literally nothing about NJ live vocals lol
They already did some live stages on music show with hype boy and hurt, and they performed on university festivals LIVE maybe with the backtrack, but they are still rookies and its ok for them to have a support


i know nothing? then, you also know nothing about their live vocals. please re-read what i said and where i replied :).


Exhibit A of the coddling I mentioned LMAO

I already said that the only time they didn’t lip sync is when they weren’t dancing. Apart from their ‘Hurt’ stage, none of their other music show appearances involved live singing.

Their ‘live’ festival stages in question is basically the loud sound of their backtrack over their barely audible, indistinctive vocals. No hate; just calling it as I see it. Out of all major 4th gen groups, they have the weakest vocals. And perhaps that is the reason they are yet to actually sing live. 🤷

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they’re all trash…


please stop trying to make le sserafim happen 💀💀 the riggedzone leftovers will never amount to anything


For sure not NJ and IVE

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