4th generation female idols who are ambassadors of luxury brands

Aespa | Givenchy

NMIXX | Loewe

NewJeans | Gucci – Hanni, Louis Vuitton – Hyein, Burberry – Danielle

IVE | Miu Miu – Jang Wonyoung

1. Hul, it’s less than I thought

2. Wow, there aren’t many ambassadors, they’re amazing

3. Everyone is daebak.. Danielle is perfect for Burberry

4. NewJeans is awesome…

5. Wow, everyone is awesome, but NewJeans just debuted, they’re daebak..

6. Seeing this, I feel again that BLACKPINK is seriously legendary..

7. Hyein looks good in Louis Vuitton.. Wonyoung and Miu Miu are perfect too

8. Burberry suits Danielle so well

9. Maybe Minji will be the ambassador of Chanel, and Haerin will be the ambassador of Dior!!!

10. What brand ambassadors will Minji and Haerin be in the future? Can’t wait

11. Who are the global ambassadors among them? I only know Danielle is a global ambassador, is Jang Wonyoung a global ambassador?

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This obsession with luxury brands ambassadors is super tacky fjdjjdks


We love successful girls and women 😁


Except blackpink??


have you seen me hating blackpink here




People like you are the reason why ppl hate blackpink


I just know you hate blackpink. Idgaf


Waiting for Le sserafim


Sakura actually LV brand ambassador. Idk why she not get mentioned. But kazuha seem may getting luxury brand deal very soon. Probably celine.


I’m even more curious whether hybe will create their own fashion brand with “le sserafim”, seeing from their concept and collaboration with Shibuya109, yesterday Yunjin was seen wearing a bag with “le sserafim” brand, during the fanmeet they also distributed “le sserafim co.” t-shirts


I think it will probably be merchs .
But it would be pretty interesting if what you said is true


Danielle And wonyoung are the only global ambassadors tho

And i think aespa as a group


Wonyoung is just brand ambassador


Aespa as a full group is givency’s global ambassador

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Wonyoung isn’t a global ambassador

Lazy Banana

Kinda weird how the focus has shifted from music accolades to brand ambassadorship. Like, kpop stans are literally using not having a brand ad campaign as a drag… Jfc.


It’s because the world’s focus has shifted to brands rather than celebs doing their actual job. The social media advancement has only made luxury brands more relevant and more people are obsessed with them. Celebs worth is measured by which brands they are representing. Kardashians, zendaya, gigi, Bella Hadid, kendall jenner etc bring the most popular and major icons of this generation due to their fashion sense and luxury lifestyle alone already tells you what the current audience is looking for. Name dropping brands to brag in songs is also the new norm. Even Indian celebs are more interested in ad campaigns than doing movies. Kpop is following the same trend which is popular and what is in demand by the consumers.


stuff like this is the reason why kpop’s dying…


nmixx and aespa really don’t suit their brands


Blackpink is the revolution


These 4th gen GGs bagging luxury brands ambassadorship without having any impact, no solo magazine covers, no posts in their individual instagram accounts with millions of followers, no PFW attendance, no buzz from known magazines, they just raced to get ones without being muse first and it makes it too common. They make it seem like these luxurious brand are cheap lmfao


They left out IVE Yujin who was the global campaign model for Versace


As they should because most celebs have been a model campaign but this is all about ambassador. She’s not even a brand ambassador or collab with versace. That’s a one time thing


For aespa, sm signed bef debut.
For wy, wy’s kinda up there in brand recognition.

But for hybe, it’s a bit weird. See, bts is too ex so they only get stuff like macs, lv, car, Samsung. Everything else is out of the qn so they made bt21 as a cheap bangtan that comps can afford.

But svt, nuest, txt aren’t exactly brand ambassadors or even active. Active as in juyeon and Younghoon from tbz who forever appear in brand events as attendees and do photoshoots. Almost like a shadow ambassador.

When le ssera debuted, it was almost like that aespa situation where the brand were… comp stans. Picking the comp rather than the individual. But lv in JAPAN flew nayeon in, along with other b list j-artistes (and a-list core ambassadors) but skipped sakura.

This situation as well. Nj were dressed in 1 brand per member at debut. It was almost like they were fishing for deals or hinting to the brands. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually went and offered to do it for free or for cheap rather than earning from it.


Upvote: hybe asked the brands for a favor/ signed for free or cheap

Downvote: the europe hq has actually heard of nj and assumes they’re worth usual ambassadors prices and pays them blackpink/ kendall/ Hadid market rates


They don’t even have individual instagram accounts to begin with. Their group IG account is less than 4M followers and you are comparing them to Blackpink/Kendall and Hadid who have more than 65 million followers.😭

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