4th generation female idols who are the best dancers according to netizens

Among the 4th generation female idols, tell me who is the best dancer!

1. Tsuki

2. NewJeans Hanni dances so well

3. Kim Dayeon

4. NMIXX Kyujin

5. ITZY Yeji

6. Lightsum Juhyeon

7. Eunchae, Chaewon

8. Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Kyujin, Jiwoo

9. NMIXX Kyujin

10. Other than Kyujin and Chaeryeong, I honestly can’t think of anything else

11. Kyujin is really good at dancing

12. woo!ah! Nana

13. Kep1er Dayeon

14. Lee Chaeyeon, Choi Yena

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