4th generation girl groups who released 3 hit songs in a row


Black Mamba (2020)

Next Level (2021)

Savage (2021)


ELEVEN (2021)

LOVE DIVE (2022)

After LIKE (2022)


Attention (2022)

Hype boy (2022)

Ditto (2022)

1. For Aespa, I only know Next Level and don’t know the other 2 songs

2. I’m not sure about Aespa

3. Honestly, I don’t know about Aespa songs other than Next Level

4. IVE and NewJeans are doing so well

5. Isn’t Aespa ambiguous? I don’t think Black Mamba and Savage are on the same level as those songs

6. It’s true that Aespa does well but they don’t have 3 hit songs in a row

7. I agree… I love that 4th generation female idols these days have a lot of good songs!!

8. I’ve listened to all of Aespa’s songs, but if it’s ‘3 hit song in a row’, I think it’s IVE and NewJeans

9. If you are going to include Aespa, you should also include LE SSERAFIM

10. I think it’s IVE and NewJeans…

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