4th generation male idols who dance well

Write down 4th generation male idols who dance well

I will watch all the fancams

1. Yeonjun

2. Niki

3. Lee Know

4. Niki.. I don’t know 4th generation male idols well, but I just watched his fancams

5. I’m not a fan but I think about Niki

6. The Boyz Juyeon, Hyunjae

7. Yeonjun is so good at dancing

8. ATEEZ San

9. Yeonjun, Shotaro

10. Aren’t Yeonjun, Niki, and Shotaro famous for being good at dancing?

11. Niki is just a dancer

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yeonjun is a known great dancer for a reason, he has his own style while also managing to be very accurate to the original choreography, he’s just sooo captivating when he dances since he has amazing stage presence and facials too

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