5 best selling albums this year until September

#1 BTS ‘Proof’ 3.37 million copies

#2 Seventeen ‘Face the Sun’ 2.72 million copies

#3 BLACKPINK ‘BORN PINK’ 2.51 million copies

#4 NCT Dream ‘Glitch Mode’ 2.1 million copies

#5 NCT 127 ‘2 Baddies’ 1.83 million copies

1. BLACKPINK is a girl group, but they sell as much as top boy groups

2. Over 3 million copies without fansign.. BTS is crazy

3. BLACKPINK is a big hit

4. As expected from Kingtan

5. Wow BLACKPINK is crazy

6. I’m so proud of Kingtan

7. I’m so proud of NCT

8. Of course, I expected this, but it’s been less than a month since BLACKPINK’s comeback, but they’re amazing

9. Wow, sales of other groups have increased a lot compared to BTS

10. Kingtan sold over 3 million copies with only 2 versions

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Am even more amazed with BTS’ sales when you realised Proof did that with 2 ver ($51 & $17, excl. tax etc), BE deluxe ed priced at $37 (excl. tax etc) & all contents being the same (no random pcs, the essential ed was released in late Feb 2021 while the deluxe ed in late Nov 2020). Also, they’ve been in the top 5/10 most streamed artists on Spotify every month since forever*

*it’d be great if anyone can tell me the exact time

WhatsThe Point

9. Wow, sales of other groups have increased a lot compared to BTS

Because BTS keep decreasing the number of versions for their albums while other keep increasing it.


So Bundlepink with 17 versions wasn’t even able to do better than Seventeen and their 5 versions? Lmao


What do you mean 5 they have 20 versions lmao

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