5 boy groups who achieved over 1M copies in their first week sales on Hanteo this year

1. NCT Dream – full album

2. TXT – mini album

3. Seventeen – full album

4. BTS – anthology album

5. ENHYPEN – mini album

1. ENHYPEN’s growth rate is crazy

2. NCT Dream is amazing

3. Kingtan

4. BTS didn’t pull any tricks and just went with 2 versions but sold this much.. Daebak

5. Wow HYBE is crazy. They make a lot of money

6. HYBE boy groups are crazy

7. But BTS is really cool. It’s not easy to sell that much with two versions

8. Wow, there are 4 groups from HYBE

9. HYBE will make a lot of money

10. Wow ENHYPEN is crazy

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