50 year old ‘Jikook’ shippers threaten to slap BTS’ Taehyung as they plan for their next hate campaign against him

‘Jikook’ is the ship name for BTS members Jimin and Jungkook.

Very recently, BTS’ Taehyung faced a huge smear campaign, where even his small gestures were over-analyzed & used to defame him.

Taehyung fans did some research on the matter and found out that Japanese Jikook shippers are behind the hate campaign. These shippers believe in the delusion that BTS members Jimin and Jungkook are a married with kids and that Taehyung is coming in between their ‘heavenly’ ship.

Yesterday, some 50 year old unemployed Jikook shippers held a twitter space to discuss regarding how they can ruin Taehyung’s reputation and defame him in all aspects so that Jimin and Jungkook do not get divorsed. They even threatened to slap and kick Taehyung.

Is this okay for grown adults to act like this over a ship that is not even real? Even if Jimin and Jungkook are husbands, this is still not justified. No wonder the mental health of these idols are so heavily compromised nowadays.

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coming for tae when they fave jm cant even sang live during encore stage


Taelung can’t sing either

dot com bubble

Stfu about BTS


Lmao kths talking about vocals is the biggest joke. Did y’all forget Crackhyungs awful ON encore or cover of Sunday Morning? Nah JK is the only one who can sing in the group


LOLOLOL funny cause people here be just dragging every member of BTS, I’m here for it. Also SmokerKook also can’t sing soon cause he keep smoking those vapes out of his tattoo girlfeind’s ass


another highly insightful and eloquent userpost πŸ«₯

WhatsThe Point

Also some armys jumped on taekookers for hating on jm (rightfully so) but they failed to see how jikookers were the ones who were hating on tae first and didn’t bother calling them out even after they were shown the hate tweets by those shippers.


Hating on Jimin RIGHTFULLY SO? Clock into the nearest mental facility for me asap. You’re no better than the psychotic bitches showcased in this post lmao


They obv meant army jumping on tkkrs were rightfully so πŸ˜‘

Color color stan

Improve your reading comprehension sis


You are right. They only use him when it is convenient for them. We(his fans) need to protect JK


so right, i hate how they’re all so ready to defend th or jm when stupid shippers start to fight, but none cares about jk that’s in the middle receiving hate from th and jm solos. Shippers don’t care about jk and only use him as a tool for their sick fantasies


Lmao No. Many big accounts like vktaekoo, diortae etc have been openly using tae as a shipping tool. Heck, vktaekoo was a jikooker until she found out taekook got more clout. Both of them were bffs with (tinkoobell who deactivated after being revealed to hate on V and Jm on priv, while shipping both with jk on main. She also believed jk had a 🐱 πŸ’€ ) And lot of tae stans have stopped shipping tae especially because he is one of the only members who has openly been against shipping. So in conclusion, shippers are tae antis because they cannot respect his wishes as a human.

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Both solos say this about shippers in reality both sides are used to bash the other

K army

Why this got so many dislikes when it is not against to any members… Just saying about jk it seems so many so called armys are jk anti’s


i mean jikookers are mostly jimin biased wbk how jimin stan act

Color color stan

no fr, jimin solo stans are the worst, even the korean ones. actually specially them. ive seen pann and theqoo posts and there have been many times where his akgaes launched hate post against their favorite targets: tae and jungkook. well, in fact if you google, i think pannchoa have translated many comments before saying jimin akgaes literally behave the worst


honestly I used to think all solos are the same tbh but jm solos this time are really out of line tbh now that I see them a lot popping out during Yoongi’s official solo debut cause I run blockchains on solos but the amount of these people that keeps popping out when Yoongi’s debut is announced is something else, these people are insecure as hell 🚢🏻

Color color stan

When d-day surpassed face as the biggest selling album on 1st day on hanteo, they really came out of their caves and launched hate attacks πŸ₯΄


Not at y’all using a handful of toxic shippers to run a smear campaign against all Jimin biased armys πŸ’€
Imagine if we did that with toxic Taekookers and Tae biased stans πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Y’all need to touch some grass fr

Color color stans

They’re not jimin biased armys, an army will not turn a celebratory post about yoongi’s achievement into a hatefest just because he surpassed jimin. real armys are proud it’s bts vs. bts on the charts sit down.


Btch the person literally said “Jimin biased” loud and clear, and y’all upvoted it, so miss me with that


Also the convenient and deafening silence about rapline and vk akgaes mf hate fest on Jimin when Face broke most records. Even here y’all invented 253627890 narratives to discredit those achievements. No “wbk how tae stans act” or “wbk how yoongi stans act” anywhere in sight back then lol

Nah, just admit y’all hate jimin so damn much that you villainize anyone who bias him and go

Color color stans

You know nothing “Anna.” if you read back to the posts here about jimin you’ll see how there’s no deafening silence from me. go ahead look at the comment section of the hate posts about jimin here. you’re calling out the wrong person.


This is completely unhinged. It reminds me of that time that Jimin fansite got exposed for kekeing with her jikooker fanartist friend about wanting to take a blowtorch to Taehyung’s face. Cream soda, I think it was? I haven’t seen a space this openly hateful within the fandom though, like they straight up want to hit Taehyung and theorize that Jungkook is an abusive drunk. 😭 imagine losing morals over a fake ship.


Also it’s so funny how most of these people hating on tae are old enough to be his mother. Get a job, get away from him.

Last edited 7 months ago by OT74LYF

that bitch is a mom yuck I am scared for that child


Army are a danger to all children.

I can’t count how many times BTS fans compare BTS to children and then talk about how sexy and desirable they are.


There is a seriously weird dynamic where Army see BTS as both their kids and their lovers…

Last edited 7 months ago by Larry
Color color stan

Seriously twink stop inserting yourself to everything because no one here reads your stupid essays, nobody likes you, you gotta accept that and stop projecting on armys


jikookers are fucking nasty and this fandom will never call them out the way those nasty taekookers are called out, coz apparently if you speak up for tae you will be a tae anti


yes plz jungkook publicize your relationship you will be free from all and others will be free fro you


I hate shippers. They infest everywhere. Even gross YouTubrs woth large views reacting to πŸ”ž ship edits 🀒🀒


The 2 Brazilian ladies looked in their 70s. The one from tx was probably in her 40s. All these women are twice and thrice Taes age and her hating on him for some delulu ship. You know they got nothing interesting going on irl.


Very sad, pathetic people are drawn to BTS.

It truly is not like any other fandom.

Color color stan

Funny how armys been treating taekookers as the worst so they let these jikookers fly free under the radar that’s why their breed are so brave coming onto twitter and telling taehyung to stfu about his members??? she also called jungkook a violent person? literally what the heck. delusional cracker fr.


Jikookers say the exact same thing ffs. Y’all are literally the same


Basically according to jikookers:

Jimin – damsel in distress πŸ€΄πŸ’—
Taehyung – bad bitch trying to seduce jimins boyfriend πŸ’‹πŸ’…
Jungkook – easily seduced and a violent drunkard 🍺😑




What kind of drama is this😭😭those shipper really projecting a whole makjang drama on them😭😭 not Taehyung on his Shin Ae Ri era lmaoo


Just shows how similar jikookers and taekookers are, because according to taekookers:
Taehyung – damsel in distress getting mistreated by his boyfriend, best friend and label
Jimin – bad bitch trying to seduce Tae’s boyfriend, and bad friend for going along with the label jikook “fanservice”
Jungkook – bad boyfriend for doing “fanservice” with another member, easily seduced and a violent drunkard


This was invetible considering armys never call out jikookers and half of them are jikook shippers.


exactly. they all live in this collective delusion where jikook shippers are the most “moral” of of other ships, especially taekook lol.


Can someone post about Brazilian jikookers campaign against Taehyung? No big acc is taking action,V has many casual fans of we spread it, we can report antis.


why are you guys even here


Shippers are tbe dumbest bitch exist. Waste of oxygen. Waste of space on earth


Why are you posting this? You’re just giving them a further platform weirdo

Color color stan

They deserved to be called out here because big ot7 accounts are not helping to report that old hag


What are you even saying? She got doxxed and called out by big ot7 accounts. So should we all make user posts about every single person who hates on a member if they don’t get that too?


She’s Sasori version of BTS army.


we should not be giving our time and attention to a handful of clearly unhinged and delusional people. You are making them more important than they are – which I a exactly what they want. Stop giving power to them.


no bc we are sick and tired of jikook mfers getting away with this shit. jimin stans cosplaying as victims while treating taehyung like a punching bag has been going on for YEARS and nobody says anything because they disguise it as dunking on “taekook” which hasn’t been as popular or problematic as jikook for years. enough is enough I’d rather have eyes on this than not.


hasn’t been as popular or problematic as jikook for years” oh boy the lies. You clearly don’t follow any accounts that post about jimin related things do you lol?


Serious question: what does having eyes on this actually do? If they are a threat, then report it to the proper authorities. I’m sure Big Hit / HYBE have people combing through the internet watching out for problematic people and potential threats (both from a PR and safety perspective.) Akgaes and shippers are a blight to fandoms everywhere. I really don’t see a benefit to wasting time on them.


It’s the way I’ve seen jikookers say the exact same thing. You all live in a bubble fr




This along with Taekookers saying the same shit about Jimin, accusing him of harassing his members like.. Out here being comfortable enough talking sht about the members over your own delusions, yall shippers need serious mental help ASAP


I agree but I don’t think it’s very gotten as big as smear campaigns, which V has been a target of many times even made it on news. And as a yoongi bais, the recent hate towards yoongi from pjms has been the most I’ve seen. Everything from his, physical appearance to his achievements, unprovoked


The hate jm get during faces all from kpoopies & all member akgaes lol


Wdym? They literally get more likes and have succeeded in getting slander articles printed, so yes it is as big, if not bigger. Even as a joon bias I know jimin is treated like a punching bag both by kpop stans and other member akgaes. The hate you’ve see towards yoongi, jimin got that too.


Wait.. what jiminsmear campaign run by Taekookers made it to news? Please enlighten us. And about yoongi, you can see jimin side is 10Γ— worse




Tbh free taehyung from all shipper


Taehyung is the most handsome member, Jimin and Namjoon are the ugliest, that’s why they act like that.


Seriously? Trying to setup a hate acc on pannkpop site? Srsly? πŸ˜‘ how dumb are you? πŸ’€


Do u think we are 12?get a life set up account.


Shippers and solos are truly the biggest disease in this fandom and no one can convince me otherwise πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Yall keep proving that you don’t see and perceive these men as actual human beings, but more as tools to use against each other. It’s sickening.


Free BTS from shipper is the only answer


Armys have been ignoring and enabling pjms for years probably because most of them are secretly


True I mean wbk that most armys are jimin and jk biased but I had no idea they’re shippers as well, I think since jikook used to be the main vocalists in the group most of the armys biased them.


The gayest group with the most mentally ill fandom.

Drama follows Army because BTS attracts unstable, insecure, and desperate people – the same types who always cause drama.

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 seoul cycles

Oh stfu twink, inserting yourself into something with your delusional sentences abt bts like fat bitch go to school first instead of projecting on pannkpop

Color color stans

Oh please everyday ot7 stans call out delusional taekookers but now it’s radio silence for jikookers? nahhh, call out thrse shippers because they’re crazy af. if you’re a shipper reading this, WAKE UP CHRONICALLY ONLINE IDIOT YOUR SHIP IS NOT REAL.


Deserved. His akgaes are the worst

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