60% of Korean fans like only one group and 75% of global fans like more than one group

“40% of Korean K-pop fans ‘like more than one group'”

60% of Korean fans like only one group and 75% of global fans like more than one group

When asked about their reasons for becoming fans, 64% of Korean fans said stage videos and 76% of global fans said songs. 38% of Korean fans and 50% of global fans said they became fans through their idols’ own content

1. There are other idols that I like, but I only support one group

2. What is certain is that fans are not as loyal as fans of previous generations

3. I have never liked more than two idol groups

4. From the 1st to the 4th generation, I like one group per generation

5. I have my favorite group and I like female idols too

6. Singing and performing has a great influence abroad, over time, the members who sing well and perform well are becoming more and more popular than the members pushed by the company

7. I’ve only liked one group for 10 years

8. I’m only interested in my favorite group… I don’t have feelings for anything else…

9. 1 male idol group and 1 female idol group

10. I like all female idols

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There have been many idol groups that I’ve listened to but only a few I’ve ever spent money on… DBSK5, JYJ, Xia, BlockB and BTS. I’ve never really been able to get into the girl groups though… most of their concepts and choreographies just don’t do anything for me.

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snsd and infinite during 2nd gen, bts during 3rd gen and still them on this gen , I just like to listen to other groups rn but not going to consume any of their contents other than their songs cause I’m lazy.

Shu yan

Bts & Red Velvet all the way….

WhatsThe Point

BTS all the way.
During my baby army days I tried getting into other groups, my friends forced me to watch their content too but could never really keep up with them unlike with BTS. Everything abt them seems to pull me in


BTS all the way

Hi, I'm Guest

12 years into kpop, only BTS cn mke me spent my money on them. I only spend money on the 1 that make it worth, & BTS worth it


Lol here come the bts roaches 🙄 the general topic was “why do Korean fans like one group and foreign fans like multiple groups” well in the USA we can like more than one person (example,Nicki and cardi). I’m sure you all probably listen to multiple people Miley,Taylor,Billie,Harry etc. I enjoy twice,blackpink, ive and aespa because they are all talented with good songs so why not support them unless I’m just a horn3y teen girl 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Hi, I'm Guest

Sure, I listened to various artists casually. But did I buy their music or merchs? No. Sorry your fave & whatever nugus that u stan unable to make 1 stay loyal for them bt just a casual listener who listen for free at whatever free platforms or illegal website bcs they don’t want to spend money on your nugus 😌


Know the difference between liking/listening and stanning you idiot. Leave it to these cringey iroaches that stan anyone korean. Cringey azz koreaboos


I only care about BTS. Multis (even worse if they’re armyblonks) aren’t real fans

Logic Thinker

BTS all the way…
I check others group but nothin more.
I like music from most of Hybe groups but I’m loyal only to bts 👍🏼

I spend money only on them …
And this is basically what Kfans do too… because it’s a “high maintenance” hobby.

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I’ve only ever “stanned” one artist. Not into celebs from any industry that way until bts. Liked their lyrics and songs and thought i should at least know more about the group back in 2016/2017. Didnt even know they were kpop. I didnt listen or pay attention to kpop after first gen after what happened with s#arp. When someone suggested i listen to bigbang bc they were popular…i did with open mind and didnt like it. They suggested exo and they were the typical kpop sound and group i was not into. This is all beforeme looking anyone up or knowing anything about these groups just based off music. I did some exploratory searching on spotify and came across bts. ldidnt know they were kpop but i liked their music and they remade one of my fav songs coffee bc i used to like urban zakapa. Just one day was on repeat for moooonths. Just listened to them for 6 months and after that i decided i should know more about them and looked them up. I didnt know they danced or that they were that young. Anyways….apobangpo

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