7 idol groups who got No.1 on Melon Top 100 this year

Boy groups: BTS, Big Bang, NCT Dream

Girl groups: BLACKPINK, IVE, (G)I-DLE, NewJeans

1. NewJeans fighting

2. 4th generation girl groups definitely did so well

3. NewJeans is amazing

4. Kingtan

5. It’s hard to get #1 on Melon

6. Wow (G)I-DLE is amazing

7. Wow, it’s great to put them together like that

8. As expected from Kingtan

9. Everyone is amazing and those are my favorite songs… But on the other hand, I realized that it’s hard to get #1 on Melon

10. I can understand why they say that female idols are at their peak

11. IVE is daebak

12. Congratulations to NCT Dream

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