7 idol groups who got No.1 on Melon Top 100 this year

Boy groups: BTS, Big Bang, NCT Dream

Girl groups: BLACKPINK, IVE, (G)I-DLE, NewJeans

1. NewJeans fighting

2. 4th generation girl groups definitely did so well

3. NewJeans is amazing

4. Kingtan

5. It’s hard to get #1 on Melon

6. Wow (G)I-DLE is amazing

7. Wow, it’s great to put them together like that

8. As expected from Kingtan

9. Everyone is amazing and those are my favorite songs… But on the other hand, I realized that it’s hard to get #1 on Melon

10. I can understand why they say that female idols are at their peak

11. IVE is daebak

12. Congratulations to NCT Dream

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4th generation groups are going to dominate kpop these upcoming years. Say bye bye to BTS & Blackpink’s records.🤭

Logic Thinker

No one can beat BTS records I’m sorry to break it to you.


No one? Don’t speak too soon lol.


they might beat the record with their multiple album versions, spotify/apple music deals, and rigging but they will never reach the fame and relevancy of bts

they’ll just be a drop of water in the ocean barely making any ripples in the industry other than reaching bts’ set record


rookies beating them left & right this year and their solos too

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

never the all time record.

Lazy Banana

Tamara, which record by BTS did rookies beat huh? Is it the 70 daesangs? The 600+ hours of PAKs? The AMAs and the BBMAs? Topping the Billboard Hot100 for weeks? Which one? Lmaooooooo, enjoy the time they’re on hiatus because 2025 is just around 2 years away and yall gonna cry again when those daesangs go to no other than BTS.


Bts are no longer beating kpop that was 6 years ago now they are only beating top artists in The world
It hurts I know , but y’all should be used now

Last edited 3 months ago by Tama
Teenaged puppy

A very rude awakening coming for kpoppies. BTS records are safe


Say bye bye to bts when those 4th gen get 70daesang😁
Do you want me to include their global achievements too?


I think someone has understood Dreams come true too literally.


NCT Dream re-peaked Melon no.1 at 9pm KST again. UL counts also increased and glad to see many liked remake song.


With 200k ul lol that’s can’t even beat girl group bside


well we all know girlgroups are digital monsters. they do well for a boygroup

Last edited 3 months ago by okayokay

empty house


Thanks to daddy company kakao, Ive baby girls are doing good by decomposing other ggs with fake rumour


Kpopies can entertain themselves looking for the new BTS until 2025, when Bangtan returns.


As expected from KINGTAN. In their tenth year and with the anthology album, they have more records than any group in their entire career. This new era has brought success to Bangtan. Our Grammy nominated boys and Grammy nominated YET TO COME 👑


newjeans ditto will join the list soon 😁

Lazy Banana

Yup it just got a RAK, amazing

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