94.86% of foreigners and 91.05% of Koreans identify BTS as representing Korea

95% of foreigners, 91% of Koreans “Who do you think of when you think of ‘Korea'”? It’s definitely BTS”

The Korea Visual Communication Research Institute conducted the survey and the results were announced on the 13th

Accordingly, 94.86% of foreigners and 91.05% of Koreans identify BTS as representing Korea

2nd place is Son Heung Min, 3rd place is BLACKPINK

1. BTS members are all Korean, so I’m more proud of them

2. The image of Korea has completely changed since 2018, when BTS started to do well abroad. Korean restaurants, grocery stores everywhere have BTS. Koreans living abroad really appreciate BTS

3. I really have to admit this

4. My friend, who has no interest in idols, suddenly became a fan of BTS after living abroadㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She heard about BTS a lot around her and searched for them before becoming a fan

5. Isn’t it obvious? They are cultural diplomats. They have improved Korea’s image abroad. International students and Koreans are so grateful to BTS

6. I live in Europe and I feel it every day

7. You can feel it when you go abroad

8. You will feel it more if you live abroad, I’m not kidding

9. And all the members of BTS are Korean, and I’m grateful that they’re trying to spread Korean culture

10. Of course, BTS is the pride of Korea

11. BTS are living legends

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Ladyboy lisa

Where Blackpink 😢😢😢


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Last edited 12 days ago by Anne

3rd place after son heungmin..


3rd? 😂😂😂😂


in your flop area 😂


If only koreans and korean govt actually freakin treated BTS as their “pride” and the one who represents them and put them in the world map…..smh😑


Genuinely curious is Son Heung Min really popular worldwide?


The general public loves him


Because he’s ripped af. Jungloo could never without ami editing

dot com bubble

Tbh, if you’re not a fan of football, particularly the Premier League you wouldn’t know who tf SHM is, same with Kim Yuna. Koreans do know them because of course, they brought honor to SK but in terms of being known? Some k-actors would be more known internationally than them.


Football is very popular worldwide so yes, he is very well known.


Wondered if he planning to leave Tottenham soon, he need to leave asap if he wanna win some silverware

Saint Seungri

Korean bullying, canceling, suicides, now btass. Worst representing


keep crying😂 are you mad because seungri brought shame to korea? 😂
thanks God bts are here to save s.k


look at blinks crying in the comments. 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Korea don’t deserve BTS


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Last edited 11 days ago by ramef33456

It’s funny how the government surveys always show BTS are overall dominating, even that last data survey showing it eclipsed kpop, but these “fan” polls try so hard to show otherwise.


And 5,14% of foreigners and 8,95% of koreans are pity kpoppies

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