“95,000 won, are you crazy?” Starbucks x BLACKPINK collaboration merch information

To be released on the 25th, Starbucks x BLACKPINK collaboration merch information (including BLACKPINK cards)


The rhinestone cold cup costs 95,000 won, the price isn’t pretty

1. The price is expensive but they are so pretty

2. It’s much better than BTS’ collabㅋㅋ It’s pretty

3 .The combination of black and pink never goes out of fashion, so pretty

4. 95,000 won, I was surprised at this price, so I couldn’t see anything else

5. Looks like the design is worse than BTS’s

6. 95,000 won????????

7. 95,000 won, are you crazy…? The design looks no different than before..

8. The design is bad, but the price is expensive

9. 95,000 won? Are the fans stupid or is the original price of Starbucks like that?

10. I think people who like pink will love it

11. The design is too bad in my eyes

12. 95,000 won, they have no conscience

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