BTS fans fetishization of gay men is disturbing

Why armys have given such a huge platform and engagement to an account that fetishize gay men and fuel the fantasy of idols being in relationships with each other, when both men in the fan art and the pictures have never said they are gay or attracted to one another? There should be limits when it comes to fan arts and these hyper realistics one that also use stereotypes of gay relationships having to have 1 person take the “femenine” role, is actually harmfull for the lgbt community, is this phenomenom happening because kpop stans are unable to cope with the fact that these idols eventually are gonna have girlfriends and that notion burst their y/n bubble and theie fantasy of being choosen by these idols?

At the end this is disturbing and shouldnt be given such a huge platform, i doubt the idols that are portrayed in these fan arts that are inspired directly by their real life photos are going to be comfortable seen them or even knowing their fans fantasize about them having s*x with someone they consider their brother