BTS fans fetishization of gay men is disturbing

Why armys have given such a huge platform and engagement to an account that fetishize gay men and fuel the fantasy of idols being in relationships with each other, when both men in the fan art and the pictures have never said they are gay or attracted to one another? There should be limits when it comes to fan arts and these hyper realistics one that also use stereotypes of gay relationships having to have 1 person take the “femenine” role, is actually harmfull for the lgbt community, is this phenomenom happening because kpop stans are unable to cope with the fact that these idols eventually are gonna have girlfriends and that notion burst their y/n bubble and theie fantasy of being choosen by these idols?

At the end this is disturbing and shouldnt be given such a huge platform, i doubt the idols that are portrayed in these fan arts that are inspired directly by their real life photos are going to be comfortable seen them or even knowing their fans fantasize about them having s*x with someone they consider their brother

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kpopies in general who ship bxb or gxg are fetishizer lol


Bit#h those are not Armys most of them are are idiots who stan both members and armys are sick of these shippers and solo stans too


They don’t really care abt the music. They just care when their ship are going to sale. Constantly attacking members calling them third wheel.




ain’t this the whole kpop fandom? So obsessed with shipping


Blinks focus on your internal wars and stop talking about bts and army… fre


All kpop fandoms do this. Doesn’t make it any less gross and they all should stop. I know the boys are uncomfortable and freaked out with this.


Weird to try to make this a single fandom issue when shippers are connected to EVERY fandom (and not just kpop either).

Any reason for coming after only ARMY in particular and why now?

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

Every armys i know reported and blocked this shit already. This ppl not even fans ffs

WhatsThe Point

The day people will learn the difference between fans and sippers is the day we’ll know peace. Those are shipper/festishizers they in no way stan the boys for music it’s clear

Logic Thinker

Uhm armys hate this people so? Mostly are preople who comes from One direction… like the Larries.

Still it’s a thing in all the groups like… just it shows more with bigger fandoms


posting such shit doesn’t make your imaginary couple real you disgusting blonk.both companies made statement & everyone with a brain can say they denied the dating rumor.go fight with eachother & LEAVE MY BOYS ALOOOONE


Look, I’m one of those shipper. I know BTS through my otp & knew their music thanks to those ship videos I watched. Contradict to what normal ARMY believed, I actually care about the other members & their music. I hve no problems to drop my ship anytime if one of my otp found their significant other. Tho I cannot speak for other shippers but that’s how I feel. And never have I hating on another members. My appreciation feelings towards the boys are getting deep day by day that I myself find it kinda surprising. Plus, it’s hard to stop when the boys themselves are all over eo they put newlyweds to shame. If they arent comfortable with eo due to shipping, they will stay from eo & limit their interactions. But I see that isn’t the case since all of them still goofy around eo. There, I said what I said 😊
Ps : shipping happened in all fandoms but ARMY being ARMY, always the main characters we are..being the main topic. Sidekicks fandom can’t relate

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