A 4th generation girl group that I think it would be great if they get good songs and become more popular


First of all, their management company is JYP, a big company

However, with songs that are quite experimental (mixed pop), they are getting unexpected results

Debut title song: O.O

Comeback title song: DICE

The members’ charms are so good and their skills are so good, I feel that it’s only a matter of time before they become famous when they have a good song…

1. Each member’s charms

Oh Haewon’s talent

Sullyoon’s visuals

Lily’s voice

Kyujin’s dance

2. Vocal skills

3. Performing on stage (even the cover stage is sung live…)

Let’s hit the daebak

1. I think they get better

2. I think NMIXX will definitely do better!!

3. Wow, I don’t really like the songs, but I really like their concept

4. I like them because they have good skills, but the harmony between the members is disappointing… They don’t have the harmony between vocals and visuals…

5. I think they’ll be popular, the members are all so talented

6. So sad that Jinni left the group… I like Kyujin and Jinni the most

7. However, their core fandom is bigger than I thought and JYP seems to have focused on creating the core fandom

8. But isn’t NMIXX not popular because the other rookies did well this year?

9. They said that Stray Kids can’t be popular, but they’re doing so well now, I think NMIXX will hit the daebak within two years

10. I like them because they’re all pretty and sing live well

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