A blink lied about BLACKPINK Lisa’s mother liking Taehyung hate comments, leading to massive hate towards her mother

A blink account with massive followers lied about Lisa’s mother liking Taehyung hate slur comments, which was taken very seriously by Armys leading to the massive hate towards her mother.  Are these blinks disguised Lisa antis?

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Blinks encourage these trolls and then get surprised when they spread stuff about their own faves 💀

mother dozen

i’m saying like…they give these people thousands of followers, always reply “CLEARED😂😂” under those corny clapbacks that are honestly just racist and homophobic, and expect us to feel bad. newsflash idiots, we’re not gonna care when the reason they feel so okay with saying these things and lying on their faves’ names is because blinks themselves have said that kind of behavior is okay. they cosign on the slurs western fans call bts so they’re just gonna have to sit there and take it when armys get on blackpink.

and lisa solos need to leave too like don’t turn this into a “it’s blinks!!” thing when you guys are known to be the most vile solos of all fandoms. maybe if yall hadn’t attacked taehyung, called armys names like lisa’s family aren’t armys themselves, you wouldn’t be here. but nope, they involved themselves the minute they started kekeing about taehyung’s grandma so all of your fave’s ugly and obsessed family members can get it.


I feel sorry for those girls. Blinks are always starting fanwars and setting them up, then play victims afterwards.


What’s with blinks setting up their own girls? Like atp do you even like them? And the fact that most of the time this happens, it’s a man behind the account too 💀


Blinks the only fandom who constantly sets up their faves. And it’s not just some troll acct with 0 followers who does it, but their big blink accts with 8-90k followers.

Color color stan

Admitting her mom is a homophobe just to drag bts and ended up dragging their favs 💀

Ladyboy lisa

Blink stop crying 😭 u guys deserved it 😭


Lisa mother deserve it?

Color color stan

Yes, she’s a homophobe apparently


“Apparently”….How exactly is Lisa’s mom a homophobe?

Color color stan

She liked a comment calling taehyung a homophobic slur duh


Where did u get that information from?


Nvm, y’all are so damn gullible….y’all will believe any and everything on the internet.🤦🤦‍♀️

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Blinks always start drama with armys on Twitter then when shit blows up, they run to pannkpop to write articles playing victims and placing the blame on armys instead. Just like that rose rumor with her friends in LA a few days ago. Big blink acct started the rumor first then Blinks started flocking here to place blame on armys as per usual when it’s their own fandom setting bp up while starting shit with armys.

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What a perfect self own 😂, she should have just stopped at “she likes every single comments”


I think blinks have a kink towards their faves getting hate. Because you can tell which accounts are trolling on purpose to provoke armys to drag them, and they keep the tweet up even if the qrts are dragging the girls. I think they think it makes their girls more popular and relevant otherwise nobody would care

It's whatever

It’s their way to get clout i guess.


V fan fucking stupid like him

Color color stan

Fix your grammar first before calling someone stupid dumbass


Oh def not as deranged, childish, toxic, idiot, dumb and self centered as lisard stan

It's whatever

They’re the ones that spread about Rose doing drugs, Lisa’s mom liking anti post and then dare to play victim.
I’m sorry but we’re not obsessed with BP like that fandom seems to be with BTS to know about their footsteps. Every rumor comes out from their fandom, so stop blaming others for your own fault


The comments are so sicks. Not even a single normal person with emphaty mentioned how wrong it is to attack an elderly which started from a fanwar by calling her all kind of slurs for assuming she likes a shipper post and continue to use a fake statement by blink which obviously was just a shade to attack her further. Lisa and v literally work together. Can’t she like post abt them? Not everyone view shipper’s post with the view they are special to each other esp kpop shippers are just for fun!!


Blonks and their stupid actions again.. let’s wait for a moment, they will start blaming army again for it.. playing victim

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