A dancer who shot music video with Jungkook talking about him

He’s always polite, professional and meticulous

[+513, -15]

1. [+144, -3] That’s why he’s popular for a long time

2. [+109, -3] I want to see Jungkook in real life ㅠ I have never seen him before. Is this possible?

3. [+93, -3] He’s just an angel, who hates Jungkook?

4. [+45, -0] He’s a superstar who is always kind to others without discrimination

5. [+34, -0] A man’s vibe mixed with a kid’s vibe

6. [+30, -0] Jungkook went to Qatar and mesmerized everyone from RedOne to the dancers

7. [+25, -0] Jungkook is like a kid, but he’s a perfect man..

8. [+14, -0] Jungkook-ah ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I miss you

9. [+14, -1] Jungkook is a very nice person

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So many comments about Jungkook personality makes me want to be his friend 😭


Good personality goes a long way 👍


Tbh its insane how that one dancer said bc of jk his stereotype against famous people disappeared bc he thought famous ppl are gonna ignore back dancers but jk was the opposite… its still mesmerizing to me how jk can change people’s mindset against him, bts and kpop in general… a lot of locals, football stans were praising him for the world cup performance even more than kpop stans (i mean kpop stans are always bitter about bts successful so i never expect anything from them) but the way bts has changed millions and millions of people’s mindset against Asians, Koreans and kpop… they don’t get enough praise for it.

Lazy Banana

You’d never hear an insider or staff ever say Jungkook or any member of BTS is rude, impolite or anything. When there’s an article about “bad attitude” of any member and I click it, always it’s kpoppies misinterpreting their actions.


Then theres V


He deserves all the love 🥺


It’s no doubt that his heart is shining 💜

Teenage puppy

Cutie pie


Jk is the bestest idol to ever exist. Period


The humility he carries with him is insane. There’s no other idol who make sure to bow 90° to everyone.

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