A fan is asking Miyeon not to date ugly men

Please don’t date ugly men

The fan asked her to read our “Please don’t date ugly men”
Fan: “Don’t, I’m tell you please don’t”
Miyeon: Ok ok don’t worry

1. She can say this because she is a fan. If you’re angry here, you’re considered a fool~

2. Miyeon-ah, if you’re going to date, you should date a pretty girl

3. Miyeon wants to date someone like Miyeon~

4. Yes, please don’t date ugly men. Let’s date handsome men!!!

5. Miyeon’s reaction is so adorable

6. Just looking at recent dating rumors, it seems like women don’t pay much attention to men’s appearance

7. Are you shocked by Han So Hee’s scandal?

8. No, Miyeon’s reaction was just funny

9. That fan isn’t saying she shouldn’t date, but it’s ridiculous to say she shouldn’t date ugly men

10. This is the heart of a fan ㅜㅜ

11. Miyeon’s ideal type = male version of Miyeon

12. All female idols must see this.. dating a handsome guy

13. Please date a man who is Young & Rich & Handsome & Tall

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