A group of 5000 Taekookers created a Twitter space to bash Jimin, accusing him of ruining V and Jungkook’s relationship

Recently, through the Twitter account @jiminforeverrr, a BTS fan revealed a Twitter space created by a group of Taekookers (fans of the V and Jungkook relationship) who were mocking certain members. 

In the video shared, a Taekooker can be heard confidently making a speech, accusing the agency of pushing the Jikook relationship to conceal the Taekook relationship in front of the cameras. Not only that, but the speaker in the space also claimed that Jimin and Jungkook’s friendship was completely fabricated unlike Taekook’s. 

It turns out that this group of Taekookers are actually antis of Jimin from BTS, who are known to frequently insult and accuse Jimin of actions he did not commit. For instance, the account @grumpyg81500216, one of the speakers in the space, is a known hater who continuously spreads hate towards Jimin every day. They allege that Jimin’s success in reaching the Billboard Hot 100 was due to the agency manipulating the achievements. They persistently claim that Jimin’s songs were not meant for him but actually belong to V. 

Various accusations were thrown as a form of hatred because Jimin achieved success. What leaves many fans puzzled is the fact that not a single person in the Twitter space attempted to defend Jimin. With over 5000 listeners, the space unanimously agreed with the accusations against Jimin, continuously involving him in the Taekook fantasy relationship they idealize.

Fortunately, there were many other BTS fans who took immediate action by encouraging mass reporting and blocking of those hate-spreading accounts. For example, BTS Jimin fan accounts quickly urged other ARMY members to report the profiles of those Taekooker individuals. Many fans also acknowledged that Jimin from BTS often becomes an easy target for Taekookers who excessively dislike him due to their deep immersion in their own imagined version of a real Taekook relationship. 

Numerous ARMY members quoted the tweets and videos from that Twitter space, providing old facts about how Taekookers consistently involve Jimin in every one of their fantasies, accusing him of being a homewrecker within the Taekook relationship, and labeling his interactions with Jungkook as mere fanservice.


In conclusion, many ARMY members subsequently urged for such incidents not to be repeated and emphasized the importance of staying focused on BTS without demeaning any specific member in the future.

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Let me summarize this post:

Mentally ill shippers doing mentally ill things.


Most of them ship manxman because they dont want their faves have relationships with with women. They want their faves stay within their bubbles. Sick in the head


All Kpoop fans r mentally ill


taekookers are so delusional


Let’s reverse this. All shippers are so delusional


Eh, we can’t deny some are worse than others. Taekookers and Larries have cultivated and encouraged deranged conspiracies for years, and it’s time they face that.


Armys never dissapoint. They go lower everyday


Here a blind person w/ zero reading comprehension. We army are the one who raised the awareness of the danger the cult shippers bring to the fandom. Hence we mass report and block. We couldn’t do anything except banish them from twitter w/ those ways and report them to BigHit.

EVERY fandom has crazy shippers. Its not only army. I remind u in case u couldn’t think in your narrow and stupid mind.


I hope bighit banned all the accounts who participated in that space for any activities of bangtan in the future!!!


Oh please…don’t act like you are an army. You are a jobless paid haters. We armys already did mass report and block. Then we reported to BigHit every single hater who dragged our BTS unreasonably like you did !


Shippers never fail to prove how mentally deranged they are cause ain’t no way yall actually live like this and see nothing wrong with it.. And the fact that most of these are grown women over 40 years old with families of their own, like?? Where’s the shame??


Wbk most armpits are old women that want uglykook to have his tiny dique inserted in Vslvt or pigmin 🤣🤣


Okay grandma let’s get you to bed


Bunch of unlove losers


Taekooker and jikooker always fighting on who jungc0ck gonna fawk. For all we know he got a 2cm cawk.


Ohh dear 🤭 Jungkook’s success must have scared you too much


2cm is success?

Last edited 6 months ago by Nene

LMFAO I died


They really be fighting on who gets uglykooks dique 🤣🤣


Blinks have more important issues. Focus on your members’ relationships with men, not bts.


poor omega jimin, alpha jungkook needs to protect him


Your fantasy world just a bunch of shit. So hide your hate of jimin. Orrr i can bully your stupidity here all day.


please don’t harm our omega jimin, he’s pregnant with alpha jungkook’ child. jimin is nesting at home now waiting for his alpha jungkook. they’re about to welcome their fourth child


I would like to say one day, these people are going to look back and think how stupid they are when they were younger but some of them are over 40 years old already. Wonder what goes through their minds when they utter such bullshit for everyone to hear? Perhaps unhappy life/marriage?

d d

OMG that woman ranting about Taekook and “TRUTH” is utter nonsense. what is she on and is she sharing it.


These kind of shippers are deranged and mentally ill. Shipping is not bad until and unless you start seeing your ship as an ultimate truth. Taekookers have a pretty toxic environment. They can’t see what’s truth more like can’t accept it and are blaming innocent people for it.
Atp if V himself says that he is dating Jennie out loud they will still think it as something he said at gunpoint. I mean there are fvcking HD photos of him. And they are still convinced it’s a cosplayer. And that innocent cosplayer was in Korea this whole time. It’s pretty clear those two want to kind of make their relationship public atp even if the company are still being vague. Its been like a year already. They can leave Jimin and jungkook out of this now.


Most taekookers are Jungkook stans. They need to leave tae alone. Tae has always been against shipping. Look at tkkr pages how they treat tae vs how they treat jk their bais.


The entire maknae line suffered from this situation. So it’s pointless to compare with each other.


Give me the proofs that show most taekookers are JK stans. You are in your own little bubble and didn’t even realize that your “statement” is completely false.


Because lot of them have been caught talking horribly about tae on their gc. And many acc like vktaekoo and her friends were previously jikookers. And they are also friends with that tinkoobell who used tae and jimin as a shipping tool on her main and dragged them on her private. Only one of them got suspended btw. So yeah, most are jk stans who willingly throw tae under the bus.

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Pigmin aka Jimtune the apple of discord between Femkook and Taejumma aka Dishyung

No matter what you write, they continue to win. You will never reach your goal. We already spam the shippers. That’s why look at yourself🤣🤣

Stop I`m dying the nicknames r so beautiful

Last edited 6 months ago by guestuu

Ofc jungloo stan likes these names 🤣


Shippers are scum, no matter the ship.




I guess the company makes these dramas just to say that pigmin is some sort of important???? cuz why in the world would anybody be concerned with pigmin?why would trashsuckers would think pigmin has impact? the most unattractive useless unintelligent Korean ogre I`ve ever seen . Korean ASMR Mukbangers are more fit to concept of celebrity than him lol lol :))))) alot of them actually do look like him lol :)))))))


You sound like you don’t shower, worry about that shithead. Crying about successful people on pannkpop dot com, LOOORD yall truly don’t have any shame whatsoever 💀


Successful My arse he has lost grace along time ago :))))))))))
there is zero anticipation for his future music after that horrible debut I mean except his screeching old ajhummas from 2017


lol why would anybody be threatened by transmin? only loyal Armys from 2017 know abt him and like him lol no baby army can be transmin biased


5000 people for an deppressed ogre trans?


then they ask why western industry dsnt take K-POOP seriously

Last edited 6 months ago by guestuu

funny how these ppl fight over who fOcks transkook while transkook is banged by bang PD-nim everyday in a hot bathtub with only candles lit around and a jazzy ambient music being played Gosh so romantic I want to fvuk transkook too :))))))))))


omg stop talking about pornpink like that 🙁


It’s a jk stan. He has the weirdest stans that talk like this. They just really want him to be a woman, even writing articles and calling him a women. Worst bunch


Ofc you do. Nobody finds that muscle pig attractive other than bango and jjks. Proving that you’re a Jungflop stan


Never, in the kpop history, shipper stans are so enthusiastic. Only in army, a fandom full of toxic.

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