A group of 5000 Taekookers created a Twitter space to bash Jimin, accusing him of ruining V and Jungkook’s relationship

Recently, through the Twitter account @jiminforeverrr, a BTS fan revealed a Twitter space created by a group of Taekookers (fans of the V and Jungkook relationship) who were mocking certain members. 

In the video shared, a Taekooker can be heard confidently making a speech, accusing the agency of pushing the Jikook relationship to conceal the Taekook relationship in front of the cameras. Not only that, but the speaker in the space also claimed that Jimin and Jungkook’s friendship was completely fabricated unlike Taekook’s. 

It turns out that this group of Taekookers are actually antis of Jimin from BTS, who are known to frequently insult and accuse Jimin of actions he did not commit. For instance, the account @grumpyg81500216, one of the speakers in the space, is a known hater who continuously spreads hate towards Jimin every day. They allege that Jimin’s success in reaching the Billboard Hot 100 was due to the agency manipulating the achievements. They persistently claim that Jimin’s songs were not meant for him but actually belong to V. 

Various accusations were thrown as a form of hatred because Jimin achieved success. What leaves many fans puzzled is the fact that not a single person in the Twitter space attempted to defend Jimin. With over 5000 listeners, the space unanimously agreed with the accusations against Jimin, continuously involving him in the Taekook fantasy relationship they idealize.

Fortunately, there were many other BTS fans who took immediate action by encouraging mass reporting and blocking of those hate-spreading accounts. For example, BTS Jimin fan accounts quickly urged other ARMY members to report the profiles of those Taekooker individuals. Many fans also acknowledged that Jimin from BTS often becomes an easy target for Taekookers who excessively dislike him due to their deep immersion in their own imagined version of a real Taekook relationship. 

Numerous ARMY members quoted the tweets and videos from that Twitter space, providing old facts about how Taekookers consistently involve Jimin in every one of their fantasies, accusing him of being a homewrecker within the Taekook relationship, and labeling his interactions with Jungkook as mere fanservice.


In conclusion, many ARMY members subsequently urged for such incidents not to be repeated and emphasized the importance of staying focused on BTS without demeaning any specific member in the future.