A member of the KMA critic slams BLACKPINK for wasting a K-pop opportunity to be taken seriously

A member of the prestige committee member shared over his Twitter account about the performance on the Coachella .praising BAD BUNNY for taking this opportunity for talking about history of Latin music, a reporting function that reflects the poor situation in Puerto Rico, but BLACKPINK stage was all fireworks and display

“Blackpink’s Coachella stage ended with a splendid fireworks display. It made her eyes wide open for a moment, but eventually disappeared into a dark space, leaving behind acrid smoke. A stage of glory that every musician dreams of was wasted. K-pop missed an opportunity to be taken seriously in the one-step global market.”

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Omg he thinks Blackpink have brains enough to do this, lmao, they probably freeze up when they try to decide left or right

Nini bear

Y’all are quicker to check on bp content than blinks lol
As expected from np second fandom


What do u expect from a group which was served everything to their mouth? And Whygee has a part on this. Yes, they brought traditional dance as a display. BUT, the people who did it were just the dancer. AWFUL CONCEPT where the artists only stand in the middle of it. And the lipsync too….ughhh, even many local realized their lipsync throughout the “mini concert”. Its not even enjoyable to the festival goers.


Saw alot of people leaving during jisoo set too. Only kpop fans get brainwashed can listen to her nasal vocal. The song not even suit for festival vibe.


nah.. the videos of locals leaving during dozensoo’s performance are all over twitter, right along with proof of blinks having to create fake accounts and cosplay as locals to praise the girls… just fucking embarrassing. yall NEVER know how to act.


They got dead crowds and even the audiences left in the middle of the show, LMAO, the biggest girl group they said 😂😂


Was you there?

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

there are so many festivals goers video that you can find on tiktok.
Some are live streaming it for free when it happened

Was they in the front or back?


Kinda in front of it. Saw they leaving mainly during jisoo solo.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

front. nobody would want to waste time streaming group they are not interested in.


Considering they were headliners, festival goers always just go to those. So they didn’t care who Blackpink was but then left because they were disappointed

White cat

Why get mad at bp when everything is handle by whygee? From the music, lyric ,rap and stage directions. How can they talk more about the history when they can’t even explain about their own music?

Ladyboy lisa

Both are same, they are in what 7th / 8th year but would rather do fashion show than involve in music 😭

White cat

That why they prefer to be model. Its easier and they don’t need to contribute anything rgearding production or music . They just need to manage themselves perfectly ( and that hardwork too)

White cat

Yeap whygee is full of incel. Pity how the girl are treated with no involvement with their music or lyric. They don’t even gave them a chance


They already almost 7th year old group. At this rate, they are the one dont want to be passionate in music. They just so used with YG prepare everything for them

Ladyboy lisa

The way so many audiences crticize the blatant lipsync over loud bactrack 🤣🤣🤣

Teenaged puppy

Coachella made no noise and didn’t sell out. Flopink stuck again


Blackpink is too busy with their snorting activities and sleeping with every man they meet.


I’m a little confused I’m not a BP fan but what exactly does the critic want them to talk about??? All the people there are drunk and high influencers mostly who probably don’t really give a shit. They just want a good time and that’s what BP did


It’s blackpink we’re talking about. They won’t care about it! They just care to make themselves popular

WhatsThe Point

Blinks were hyping this man when he discredited jimin’s #1.. now what happened, don’t like that he’s directing his critique towards bp?
Karma for being in our business


I’m sorry but no act from Korea or any other country will manage to do something like this, they would rather ignore each other than recognize the impact that other artists have had before them.

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