A netizen posted on Pann saying that Stray Kids’ songs are just loud trash

Stray Kids’ songs are not music

It’s just loud trash

[+542, -360]

1. [+206, -17] If you recklessly call it trash just because it doesn’t suit your taste, what happens to the people who truly love that group’s songs?… When you speak, please think about politeness

2. [+159, -9] What? You are freaking rude

3. [+153, -8] But the biggest trash is you writing the post, right?

4. [+134, -7] I really like the fact that they don’t care what other people are saying and make the music they want to make

5. [+101, -105] I don’t listen to the music of the school violence group

6. [+19, -23] It’s not music, it’s art

7. [+14, -2] Are you angry when they sell more albums than your idols?

8. [+12, -1] You are just trash

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