A Netizen Posts the Timeline summary of Jennie and V, Compares YG and Big Hit’s statements, Claims that V Was After Jennie Since 2019

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Topic: Jennie-V timeline summary

There are some who claim that Jennie and V never dated.

Since the news about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal and V’s breakup came out on the same day, some fans claim that YG is doing a media play.

YG did not originally respond to the dating rumors of its artists. In the past, they always avoided commenting on their artists’ private lives and dating rumors.

On the other hand, Big Hit tends to refute every rumor. It was even more persuasive because they refuted it through Dispatch… Regarding Jennie V’s dating rumors, YG did what they always did; they neither confirmed it, nor denied it. However, Big Hit did not do what they always did. This was the first dating rumor that Big Hit did not deny. And now, V’s fans are claiming that it is YG’s media play. The interesting thing is that it was V who always tried to make their relationship obvious. Here is Jennie V’s timeline. Delusional fans can ignore.

Jeju photos. Both companies stayed silent.

A T’Way employee shared that Jennie and V were on their plane together.

August 9, Jennie’s IG update vs August 10, V’s Weverse update

Jennie’s post on October 8 vs V’s post on October 10

(V’s post says: “When everyone sees the same place, take a different view (Eiffel Tower)”)

V posted this 2 hours after Jennie

Jennie: “Baby it’s cold outside.”

V: “Let’s see. Armys caught a cold in this cold winter or not.”

Jennie posted 4 close-up photos of herself on December 21 with the description “One two three or four”. 2 days later, V posted 4 close-up photos of himself one by one in a row on Weverse.

Jennie April 11 vs V April 12

Jennie May 9 vs V May 10

Isn’t this the same room? (The bed, the cushions, the color of the walls, the lights are the same.)

Jennie and V’s posts on the same day, January 6

December 6, 2021, V followed Jennie on Instagram and then he said it was a mistake, that he didn’t know how to use it and called it a scary app

However, in the beginning of 2021, fans had already detected that V had been using Instagram since there was the IG icon on the screenshot he shared on SNS

December 20, 2021,V shared a photo of himself and his friend at a store called Corso Como Seoul. 4 days later, Jennie shared the gifts she bought from Corso Como Seoul for the members.

January 25, 2022. Jennie shared a photo herself and then V shared his song.

V’s story on February 4 and Jennie’s post on February 5

Februrary 2022, Jennie shared about her vlog on IG story. She winked in the video and said “wink wink.” A few minutes later V uploaded a story photo of himself winking.

May 23, Jennie’s story update with a black and white photo and 40 minutes later V posted his black and white photo

V wore CHANEL’s Coco Crush earrings that Jennie modeled for…

Dispatch’s fashion-related IG account has also shared that V’s earrings belonged to CHANEL’s Coco Crush collection. However his fans insisted that those were BOUCHERON’s. They posted this picture above on IG and tagged BOUCHERON. BOUCHERON initially liked the post but as soon as they realized that those were not their collection, they unliked the photo.

And this is why those earrings that V wore weren’t BOUCHERON’s. Go to their site and check out their Quatre collection. Their earrings requires piercings. It is not attached to the outer border of the ear cartilage, and V has no piercings there. Boucheron does not have earrings that don’t require piercings in this model.

On the other hand, CHANEL Coco Crush earrings actually are earcuffs. They don’t require piercings. V’s fans claim that the silver earcuff has rectangular patterns, not triangulars. But since the photo is not in high quality, it’s difficult to identify it since the pixels change when you zoom.

I’m not share every photo since you already know them all. The hacker shared a photo of V on Jennie’s bed with Jennie’s cat. If you compare it to Jennie’s previous photos, the cat, sheets, and head of the bed are all the same. However, looking at the photo posted on Jennie’s Instagram on February 4, 2022, it seems that Jennie changed the head of her bed. Couldn’t this also be seen as evidence that they have already been dating since 2021?

On September 1st, a hacker leaked this photo of Jennie, and just five days later, V was spotted wearing the same hat.

In fact, what’s more interesting about this photo is that a hacker leaked the photo, Jennie and V wore the same clothes and accessories as they were wearing in the leaked photo after the leak. It seems clear that they wanted to confirm the relationship between them.

Actually, there are a lot of pictures, but I don’t think I’ll write more about them since everyone probably already knows them haha.

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1.[+112, -11] I don’t know if they broke up or not but I saw kids say that V broke up with Jennie because he’s joining the military, so V wants Jennie to get a new boyfriend when he’s absent haha

2. [+61, -188] They are really screaming that they are in a relationship, but only delusional fans don’t want to acknowledge it. In fact, there is no need for any evidence. Big Hit didn’t deny the rumors, that’s enough.

3.[+39, 258] Even if I see it again, I’m in awe of VInstagram is a scary place

4.[+31, -245] Haven’t they been dating since 2019? Even if they didn’t date back then, it seems that V was following her closely or was trying to stir up dating rumors with her. I don’t think GD and Jennie ever dated.

5.[+27, -233] In this rate, it seems like Taehyung had been stalking Jennie since she broke up with Kai