A post accusing BTS of plagiarizing SHINee’s concept

Suspicion of BTS plagiarizing concept

1 SHINee

(SHINee-BTS-SHINee-BTS in that order)

SHINee Lucky Star (Japanese album)

2 Coldplay

Coldplay’s tour poster 2016

BTS HYYH album cover

1. I think SHINee fans also complained back then, but because BTS was so famous, it seemed like everyone turned a blind eye

2. Suddenly?

3. At that time, I remember someone received a lot of criticism for posting a post asking whether BTS plagiarized SHINee’s concept or not..ㅋㅋ

4. It reminds me of this

5. I remember back then when the SHINee fandom mentioned plagiarism, everyone said it was a common concept and asked if this was SHINee’s exclusive property. I just remember I was so upset…

6. I remember seeing it because it was controversial back then

7. Wow, I just learned this for the first time today

8. Daebak, what the…?

9. Wow, this is the first time I know it. What is this?

10. They also copied Big Bang

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