A rare foreign member who is a popular member of the group

TWICE’s Sana

1. Sana is so cute and pretty

2. I like Sana too

3. TWICE’s foreign members are all popular, but I think Sana is more popular because she’s fluent in Korean

4. Sana is my first foreign bias

5. I like her even more because she speaks Korean so well. Sana will win even if she argues with me in Korean

6. But basically I don’t like the Chinese and Japanese members, but I like Sana

7. I’m not a fan of TWICE but Sana deserves it, she’s so pretty, she speaks Korean well

8. TWICE’s foreign members are so popular, Sana, Mina, Momo, Tzuyu

9. Sana has no choice but to become popular

10. She looks like a Korean, she speaks Korean well

11. Sana is a goddess

12. Is Sana the most popular member of TWICE?

13. I can’t help but admit that her Korean is so good

14. She’s so nice to her fans, I think she deserves to be famous..

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