A reporter writes an article about whether BTS V will mention BLACKPINK Jennie on ‘You Quiz’ or not

BTS V will appear on ‘You Quiz’… ♥ Should he mention BLACKPINK Jennie? [Official]

BTS V will appear on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’

In particular, attention is focusing on whether he will mention the dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie or not

1. No, what is this?…. No, the reporter is crazy!!!!

2. Of course he won’t mention it, is the reporter crazy?

3. Are the two of them dating??

4. What the hell are you doing, reporter?

5. This is the reason why fans don’t like dating rumors

6. Reporter…………Reporter…………What the hell are you doing?

7. Are you trying to impress me again that those two are dating?

8. That reporter is an anti of V?

9. They didn’t admit it, why would he mention it?

10. Suddenly?

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