A video of V and Jennie walking hand in hand in Paris was filmed

1. I hope they are happy, but I don’t want to see things like this

2. It’s like a movie!

3. I hope they admit that they are dating. Muggles don’t care about it, but please be polite to the fans

4. The fans will be heartbroken

5. I can’t see their faces, but somehow they look good together. V is taller than I thought

6. The difference in height makes my heart flutter, the fans must be the same

7. But how do you know it’s V and Jennie? They look like a normal couple

8. I was shocked when I saw the title, but when I watched the video, they were cutely dating, they look good together

9. It’s like Hollywood

10. I feel bad for the fans who denied their relationship

11. As a fan who loves both BTS and BLACKPINK, I just hope the two of them are happy

12. Honestly, they get along so well, it’s great to see them getting along

13. Jennie standing next to V looks so petite and cute

14. I feel sorry for the staff

15. I’m a fan, but it’s so cute

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