Actor Gong Myung and Weki Meki member Doyeon are dating?

(Exclusive) Actor Gong Myung and Weki Meki member Doyeon are dating

Korean media revealed that actor Gong Myung and girl group Weki Meki member Doyeon are allegedly in a relationship

An industry insider stated, “It is known that their relationship has become closer as Doyeon recently left the Weki Meki dorm.”

1. They are an office couple

2. Is Gong Myung under Fantagio?

3. Didn’t Gong Myung dance to Weki Meki’s song in front of Doyeon?

4. Has Weki Meki disbanded?

5. There are no pictures… Isn’t this a trick used by little-known media companies to promote artists?

6. Suddenly??

7. Both are from Fantagio?

8. Kim Doyeon?

9. If that’s true then congratulations

10. They look so beautiful together

11. Weki Meki did not disband, nor did they make a comeback and only did individual activities

12. What the hell? They don’t have any pictures

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