Actor Jung Woong In’s second daughter who looks like NewJeans Haerin

Jung Woong In’s second daughter who looks like NewJeans Haerin

1. Daebak, they look alike

2. Wow, she grew up so well, she was pretty even when she was a baby

3. I don’t know if they look alike but she’s so pretty

4. Wow, I thought Soyun looked like Krystal when she was a kid, she grew up so well

5. When I first saw Haerin, I thought of Jung Woong In’s daughter

6. Wow, they really look alike?!

7. All of Jung Woong In’s daughters are pretty, but they grew up so well

8. Jung Woong In is still full even without eating

9. Hul, I thought those were pictures of NewJeans Haerin

10. Daebak, when did Soyun grow up like this?

11. Hul, I thought the first picture was Haerin

12. The entertainment world is waiting for her

13. Jung Woong In is also handsome, her mother is also pretty so all of their daughters are pretty

14. Soyun has been pretty since she was a kid

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nah i think shes trying too hard to look like her


she appeared in a variety show as a kid and her face was always like this.


haerin/ nj are not anywhere above a mid-sized agency average, or say the no. 1-3 in a sch class. there are tens of thousands of teens who are 1-3 in their class.
put it simply, haerin of mugit entertainment or haerin of ily1 grp is not at the lvl that would survive w/o the hybe/ mhj association.

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