ADOR CEO Min Heejin will hold a press conference directly conveying her opinions to reporters at 3 pm today

Min Heejin will hold an emergency press conference today (25th)… “Announcement of ADOR’s official position”

On the 25th, ADOR said, “We are holding an emergency press conference to announce ADOR’s official position on the matter reported today,” and added, “ADOR CEO Min Heejin will directly convey our position on this situation clearly to reporters,” he said.

The press conference will be held at 3 pm today.

1. Will you expose HYBE’s sins? If you’re going to do this, please don’t mention plagiarism or other singers

2. Can’t a press conference really do anything but boost public opinion?

3. What are you going to say this time?

4. Let’s do a live video on YouTube..

5. What are you trying to do to divert attention? It would be funny if you talked about plagiarism again~

6. Who is really hindering the future of NewJeans?

7. Please don’t mention junior idols in the press conference

8. I wonder what you’re trying to say

9. That’s not ADOR’s official opinion, probably her own opinion..

10. Perhaps this is Min Heejin’s press conference, not ADOR’s

11. It seems like they are trying to expose HYBE’s sins

12. Don’t mention NewJeans, they will be ruined because of what you say

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