ADOR confirmed that Bang Si Hyuk didn’t accept greetings from NewJeans

“President Bang Si Hyuk didn’t accept greetings from NewJeans”… ADOR side “It’s true” [Official statement]

Amid the controversy after this information was released, CEO Min Heejin stated: “It is true that the NewJeans members’ parents conveyed this opinion and ADOR also sent it to HYBE by email”.

1. Bang Si Hyuk is not qualified to be president

2. How could a company president not accept a greeting from an idol the same age as his daughter?

3. He got angry because of that letter and accused Min Heejin

4. Bang Si Hyuk should step down

5. Ah NewJeans ㅠㅠ What about the kids? I worry that these pretty kids will be buried

6. He’s disgusting, leave Min Heejin and NewJeans alone

7. I feel sorry for the NewJeans kids

8. I didn’t know he would be this disgusting. Please resign

9. He’s just trash

10. I really hate him, leave NewJeans alone

11. He’s so childish and disgusting

12. What is he doing with the kids?

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