ADOR said that HYBE should honestly say that they don’t like Min Heejin, don’t write trash novels

ADOR “HYBE should honestly say that they don’t like Min Heejin… Don’t write trash novels” [Full official statement]

1. Min Heejin fighting

2. Park Ji Won is amazing. Let’s fire that guy first

3. ADOR’s stance is always the same, but HYBE constantly changes their words

4. What HYBE did was evil and disgusting

5. Park Ji Won is a weird and scary person

6. Park Ji Won, trash ba$tard

7. Park Ji Won is disgusting, Bang believes in him, and Bang seems to be the victim too

8. Why is Bang the victim?

9. You mean Bang Si Hyuk is the victim? This is ridiculous

10. Min Heejin wrote the script, so why did she blame HYBE?

11. HYBE is stupid. If HYBE wants to survive, throw away Park Ji Won

12. No matter how you look at it, Park Ji Won is still the most disgusting…

13. I support Min Heejin

14. HYBE, please wake up

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