Aespa confirmed to be eliminated from the A-list group lineup of the 4th generation

Aespa confirmed to be eliminated from the A-list group lineup of the 4th generation

Welcome to MY World was released at 6:00 pm but failed to make it into the Melon Top 100

Now they can’t even compare with NewJeans, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM

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1. [+82, -15] The fans of LE SSERAFIM seem to be quite jealous of Aespa, anyway Aespa received the Daesang and was the first group of the 4th generation to stand at the Tokyo Domeㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ Besides, they have two mega hit songs, the fact that Aespa is the A-list group and LE SSERAFIM is the B-list group

2. [+66, -17] Sorry but Aespa is the first group of 4th generation to perform at the Tokyo Dome

3. [+55, -7] They got the Daesang, they have super hit songs, they were the first 4th generation group to perform at the Tokyo Dome and you guys keep saying they’re not the A-list group, if you’re jealous, just say you’re jealousㅋㅋ

4. [+18, -6] Why is LE SSERAFIM there?

5. [+15, -3] I can smell the bad guy from the post

6. [+8, -5] When Aespa debuted, I thought their visuals were pretty, but after IVE and NewJeans debuted, their visuals didn’t stand out anymore..

7. [+6, -5] NewJeans – IVE – LE SSERAFIM

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it’s too early to determine this lol, for idol groups what matters at the end of the day is how strong your fandom is anyway, ive and nwjns clearly leaning a bit more towards to have more gp support than fandom power while aespa and lsfm is leaning more towards strong fandom power than gps support.


Ive have both fandom and korean gp


their kr fanbase is strong but I still am a bit unsure of their global fandom tbh


Almost all Le sserafim girls already get 1m likes almost every post post(and that’s without promotions and cfs that Wonyoung and Yujin get) where I’ve only has Wonyoung. Yujin is popular only in Korea.

After all big companies will always have more privilege on the international side since big 4 have established brand names


Global fandom won’t really matter in the end. They’re from South Korea so it’s important to have strong fandom in their own country


not really


aespa got that gp support phase too in their next level and savage era and that helped them to gain a decent size of fandom. girlgroups cycle never change. we’ll just have to wait for the hype to die down and see who survives after that


Not only aespa but applied for all 4th gen gg. Just because you faves being having PAK, highest achievement during first years, doesnt mean they can maintain same hype every year. So, its possible that ive, newjeans n le sserafim gonna experience decline like aespa too.


Lol they all wait for aespa to flop so that they can brag article like this.. WTMW just a pre-released with minimum promo, compare to the other group who pre-release mkre upbeat song, no wonder it doing so well in charts..even knetz not aware that they are making a cb with WTMW lol..this speak how shitty SM promo towards aespa..just wait nxt week when they release their title track..


I really hate that kind of Hype media play..


this post is from pann where bunch of insecure and pathetic fangirls camping there 24 hours , working very hard to set up these female idols and shitting on them every day.


there was also article too.


Whoa 4th gen of kpop is insanely competitive. If i were a 4th gen group i’d just ignore the competitions because there’s zero chances of being on the top for a long time, i’d just aim for stability, longevity, and build loyal fanbase gradually


this is basically what gidle does


Le sserafim never in ive/nwjns popularity level. Everyone in korea know ive/nwjns songs, but what le sserafim songs that known for public? Fearless, antifragile, unforgiven are bad songs, they can’t sing, just talk singing in every songs, they not different from itzy. Aespa have next level and savage which no 1 in chart. Le sserafim is 1 year old group, but never no 1 in chart even with ex two izone members. They concept is more male gazer, i tired with their concepts. Just change concept more girly/feminine, their sexy concepts is just for male fans. Change into better concepts please, and stop always talk singing, please learn how to singing well


Le sserafim already sell more albums than these 3


in the end it is the fandom that feeds you, not the gp lol


The op is sitting lsf up

Color color stan

But if aespa’s next comeback is a flop again, of course they’re gonna be removed from a-list. Like, look at what people are doing to red velvet. nobody gaf if they won a daesang, it’s just bp-twice on top


If we talk about Korea it would only be RV and blackpink, twice cannot enter the lists since 2020 and they did not even fill their 7k concert

Last edited 6 months ago by Euphoria7

7k concert ?? are you for real ? , Stop lying motherf*cker , even red velvet are in 10th year but still can’t fill 6k arenas LMFAO…


Honey, RV had a concert last month in kspo dome and the capacity is 15k and the did it for 2 days, it means 30k people already went to that concert


If you are so into twiceland then you should also know the reason behind twice not totally selling out. Konces literally boycotted them after they promoted this cb in USA more. There are freaking evidences. Even Korean side of onces who attended confirmed this news as well as a trusted Korean source who updates about concerts in Korea. Despite that people who attended the concert and bought the ticket realtime themselves said the tickets went fully sold out before the opening show. Many foreign onces travelled to Korea who could afford it just to see Twice and support them. Because konces has already dropped many tweets of them with 1k likes of making other konces boycott the upcoming twice concerts in Korea to have a protest against their displeasure. The sold out concert data will be released once the part 1 of their show overall finishes then you can see how much they didn’t sold out. Not to mention twice are still top gg with bp because from what I am seeing aren’t these the only two currently selling out huge af stadiums outside of Korea.

spicy spice

aespa kinda promising thou and i feel like they are totally different from red velvet’s situation. aespa already got their strong fandom core, it proved by their albums selling numbers and recently they entering tokyo dome. it’s a safe place if an idol sold their albums yet can hold a concert in a big venue. it means their popularity wasn’t just bcs of bulk buying.

it’s good to have both gp and fans as an idol’s support system but fans was the one who saves an idol in the end. public can change their interest anytime esp toward girlgroups.

Last edited 6 months ago by spicy spice
Taste that savage

I think jimin and V are tr@ns men, they were born women but they’re trying hard to be men. Every time they get a bit of muscle or body hair, they show off, its a typical behaviour.
I also think Jungkook might be a tr@ns woman, he has masculine body and features but he wants to be a woman so bad, especially with that lord farquaad haircut

Truth speaker

Hybe spending all the money they get from bts on that gg


Hybe be scamming bts and txt fans with dynamic pricing for that gg


Because Hybe is trying so hard to make them the next BTS who bring money to their company but it’s not happening because the company is spending more money to them than benefitting from them, even bagging luxury brands for them. Imagine OMG is still in TTH despite the song being out of Top 50 in Global Spotify. BTS didn’t have this longevity in playlist. It’s only that GG


I think one of the main reasons bts got Samantha fans was because of their journey from rags to riches. And the authenticity of it. But with this gg everything is being handed not even a year into the biz. I don’t blame the girls, but it’s the company that’s doing too much. The company is being blind by greed and hunger for the next big thing because they want to keep the bts streak, even after bts goes solo


before spreading lies you shouldve known that OMG 30 days after release was still at 3MLN streams daily despite not having the TTH playlist yet. Meanwhile Jimin “super hit” like crazy after a month barely cracks 2.3MLN daily streams despite getting the TTH playlist 1 week after release. OMG is just a REAL hit.


LMAO so dramatic! Sadly, Aespa is not the flop show that you want them to be. If you don’t like them, just focus on your faves instead of making cringeworthy posts like this.


they are invited to cannes and about to perform in tokyo dome.. tell me which groups have achieved this in their 3rd year of debut?


every 4th gen group is nothing but media play and payola


Nameless models visit Cannes, nothing impressive about it
But performing in Domes without Japanese songs is
I don’t see other 4th gen groups doing it
Ive nj and lsf members don’t seem to have the hype that Winter does and she’s Korean. Plus izone members have 5 years of debut ahead. Maybe Sakura’s name might help, I don’t know


stop trying to make lewseraflop happen. the top 4th gen groups are new jeans and ive

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