Aespa Giselle after changing her eye makeup and losing weight

The current state of Aespa Giselle…

Her recent event + live broadcast

Her article pictures

She changed her eye makeup and lost weight

Video without any editing

1. Nowadays, Chaeryeong and Giselle look alike

2. Honestly, I never thought she was pretty before, but she seems to be getting prettier by the day!

3. Giselle looks so much prettier these days.. I also want to lose weight

4. I’m really jealous of her skin

5. Oh my gosh she’s so pretty

6. Giselle is so pretty these days

7. No, but black really suits her and she’s so pretty these days

8. Changing eye makeup style accentuated Giselle’s charm, she’s really a hot girl

9. Wow, I didn’t know she had such a good body, I just knew she had long legs

10. As expected, the best plastic surgery is the diet

11. She looks like actress Choi Yeo Jin

12. I think she found the style that suits her

13. She’s prettier without bangs

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she clearly had ps, why are these knetz on denial 💀


Lol she had plastical surgery and cutting her jawline. We all know sm has a deal with plastic surgery hospital to make their artist look like natural beauty but it so obvious giselle face is so unatural. They did this since snsd era


she gonna look like oli London soon if she don’t stop getting ps

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