Aespa Giselle must have put a lot of effort into her diet

She lost a lot of weight

1. I thought bangs and black hair were perfect for her, but when I look at that hair, it looks so good on her

2. Giselle is so pretty these days

3. She lost a lot of weight, so she looks prettier

4. She has become a hot girl

5. She looks like a Lovelyz member!

6. Wow, she’s really pretty without bangs…ㅠㅠ

7. When Aespa just debuted, Giselle’s style didn’t suit her

8. Is it the picture of her now or in the past?? Why can’t I feel the difference?

9. When she lost weight, she became so much prettier and fresher.. Giselle is so pretty ㅠㅠ

10. She’s seriously a hot girl

11. She’s so pretty and charming

12. Giselle is so charming and pretty that I can’t take my eyes off her

13. Wow she’s f*cking pretty

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still a pancake face


don’t be shy, share your selfie


Unfortunately she is still the ugliest 4th generation kpop idol. SM missed big time with aespa because of her cuz she brings in no fabs to the group. Karina and winter attract the majority of the fanbase. And on top of being unattractive, she isn’t even the best at dancing, singing or a damn good rapper. In a group of only 4 girls everyone had to be perfect but giselle is such a deadweight. That’s why aespa is suffering so much and groups like newjeans, le serafim, Ive are soaring so high cuz every member is eye catching beauty as well as pulls in fans which giselle can never do. Worst decision ever to debut this nepo kid in aespa.


lily exists


Lily is extremely talented with vocals and is a fairly good dancer.. No comparison.


But Giselle’s vocal is great. Wdym. For me she is so pretty. Just because she is not your style so you can blame her the ugliest idol of gen 4


she’s still ugly compared to other 4th gen idols and she can’t sing, rap or dance… dozen

chi to duss

She has a strong sugar baby vibe to her these days. Maybe she can ask them for lip injections for Christmas.


The comments….. you all are disgusting

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