Aespa is certified the B-list group

Aespa is certified the B-list groupㄷㄷ

“The current state of K-Pop is all about the ‘New-I-Le’ generation… NewJeans-IVE-LE SSERAFIM syndrome”

The article confirmed that it was all about ‘New-I-Le’


“What songs are you listening to?
NewJeans’ songs… LE SSERAFIM, and IVE”

Only Pann considers Aespa to be part of the top 3ㅋㅋ

The fact that NewJeans and IVE’s pre-release songs got #1 on Melon, while Aespa’s pre-release song didn’t make the Top 100ㅋㅋ

[+292, -463]

1. [+211, -44] Aespa: Daesang, Rookie award at the same time / the first 4th generation group to perform at the Tokyo Dome / the group whose mega hit song ‘Next Level’, LE SSERAFIM: …

2. [+203, -27] But LE SSERAFIM, who is said to be the A-list group, has never been #1 on the daily chartㄷㄷ

3. [+136, -18] This is my first time hearing about ‘New-I-Le’ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s the reporter’s own opinion… No one uses ‘New-I-Le’ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+121, -13] No but why is LE SSERAFIM considered the A-list group when they never reached #1 on the charts? LE SSERAFIM fans, go stream their song instead. This is my first time seeing such a lazy fandom

5. [+36, -2] Even if you add up all the songs of LE SSERAFIM, you can’t beat ‘Next Level’? This is the truth

6. [+30, -3] The public knows the members of Aespa but not the members of LE SSERAFIM

7. [+28, -53] But honestly, other than LE SSERAFIM, Aespa doesn’t fit that positionㅋㅋ How can Aespa be on par with IVE and NewJeans?

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why aespa fans so proud of a remake song?


What do you expect from plagiariSM stans

lili lover



aespa is still just a rookie group, to say that they’re certified b list is preposterous
they still have time for bigger hits


They are not a rookie group


girl how many times those people on pann are going to make the same posts all over again 😭


all these ppl making fun of lsf when they are constantly pulling crazy no.s while being stuck in 2021 lol aespa’s hype was killed by their own company, no one even knows when their cb is but on the other hand everyone is tuning in for lsf.

Its like saying brave girls is above red velvet coz they had one major hit lol

John Xina

say thans to Hybe mediaplay


Give an example of this media play


This article


le sserafim literally holds the record for the highest 1st day of sales by a female group in hanteo’s history, hardly any mediaplay in pointing out the fact that they HAVE the numbers to prove their relevancy


Let’s ts talk about streams next.. Sales not matching the streams typical hybe tactics 🥱🥱

Last edited 4 months ago by pikachu

so let’s talk about streams then, no? their album debuted with 8.2M streams (the second biggest 2023 album debut, just after txt), and the title track with 1.5M streams, despite not having a full day of tracking. which one of these is, according to you, not matching their 1.02M sales? i’m curious 🤔

Last edited 4 months ago by jendeukie

I feel like this is kind of post is a set up post. Setting up LSRF. I saw many kpop stan dont want to accept LSRF as top 3 4th gen gg bec they dont have PAKs


All new jeans and I’ve members are breathtakingly beautiful and Stan attractors. In aespa only ksrina and partially winter attracts fans. Ningning has okayish popularity meanwhile giselle is the biggest dozen and the ugliest female kpop idol in recent times. For a 4 member group adding a useless member was the biggest blow for easpa popularity wise. No matter how much aespa fans defend giselle the fact remains that she hardly attracts any new fans and is the least popular member for a reason.

Even dozen jisoo gets BP fans bc of her visuals. Giselle contributes nothing.

Color color stans

But why are knets mocking lesserafim though? if ive and newjeans are good at streams, lsf has album sales? not a single 4th gen gg have all the achievements. idk what they’re gatekeeping when they just called bullykids the no.1 4th gen bg when they flop at streams lololololol


Why do we even need to say this top or that is not? Just listen to whoever you like


Ngl y’all stay arguing about dumb shit day in day out, just enjoy the music abeg


Wow, well if ugly, middle aged men are fans of those groups, they must be super popular and crazy talented 🤩

WhatsThe Point

New shiny thing syndrome. Soon these 3 will also get replaced when new ggs debut

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