Aespa Karina and Winter two-shot looks like a scene from a drama

1. Daebakㅋㅋ The atmosphere makes my heart flutter

2. Cheon Seojin and Shim Soo Ryun

3. It reminds me of white swans and black swans, but it also reminds me of Cheon Seojin and Shim Soo Ryun

4. Hul, it’s like a drama

5. Karina seems like a villain in that drama

6. They were close when they were kids, but then there was a misunderstanding, so they hated each other when they grew up

7. Karina is so pretty

8. Those pictures are legendary

9. White swan vs black swan

10. Wow this picture is crazy

11. Cheon Seojin and Shim Soo Ryun are real

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sharp beauty

Tom & Jerry

Karina and Winter were inseparable, until they grew up and became bitter rivals in the criminal underworld.


look like a drama where winter is the main lead and karina is the villain

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