Aespa Karina is going viral with her journalist pictures at the Bottega Veneta pop-up event today

Journalist pictures of Aespa Karina at Bottega Veneta pop pop-up event

1. She’s just a goddess

2. Her makeup, hairstyle and outfit are perfect, she’s f*cking pretty

3. Every time I see her, her face shape is amazing ㅋㅋ Her skin is pretty too ㅠ

4. She’s perfect from every angle

5. She looks like an actress, she’s so pretty

6. Is she a goddess?

7. She’s getting prettier and prettier

8. How can she be so perfect???? That face shape can’t be done with CG

9. Wow, she looks like an actress, she’s f*cking pretty

10. Wow f*cking pretty

11. Wow, journalist pictures look like this?? I’m curious what she looks like in real life ㅠㅠ

12. Her face is pretty, her clothes are pretty

13. Oh my god.. She’s seriously pretty

14. I’m so jealous of people who see her in real life

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how does it feel to have such fair skin


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Saint Seungri

Karina pretty sexy nice voice 🙂 unlike taeyeon plastic wannabe and ugly chinese with annoying voices and halfblood lazy fat rabbit

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LMAO are u okay? did Taeyeon murder your whole family for u to be this mad?

Saint Seungri

i talk about winter 🙂 dont cry


People can hate aespa but can’t deny that she’s pretty, kind, and all rounder


Plastic monster💀

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Saint Seungri

no no, look its not Wonyoung haha u so funny 🙂


so true


Oh coming from you? It’s funny


She looks pretty and that dress is GORGEOUS!

spicy spice

she’s suitable with this kind of make up tbh, little bit lighter. heavy make up just make her looks older than her age and kinda look like cheon seojin. i wish dr kim stop messing with her face.


I want that dress

  1. karina plastic monster. aespa flops
yocoochi smells

some of you creatures have to stop hating, that girl is pretty
it aint good for your ugly self esteem, she’ll only get prettier while you’ll just trap yourself under the bridge


Her past photo during high school and now kinda different. Her plastic surgeon must be so proud rn

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