Aespa Karina surprised netizens when they saw her at the airport today

Karina was so pretty at the airport today

1. Her face is so pretty

2. She’s so pretty these days, her legs are so pretty

3. Crazyㅋㅋ Her legs are long and she’s so pretty

4. How tall is she? Look at her proportions

5. She’s already pretty, but she’s even prettier today

6. I feel this every time I see her, but her face shape is crazy

7. No, is she an AI?

8. No, how does one look like this?

9. Her proportions are crazy

10. Her face is smaller than my fist

11. No, she really looks like AI

12. She looks like a doll

13. She lost weight

14. She’s seriously so pretty. She looks like an AI. Looks like she’s from a different race

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Ladyboy lisa

Why everytime i see her she look different??

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?

because your eyes are going, grandma.

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