Aespa member who is shocking for getting good reactions in real life

There are so many comments that are surprised after seeing Ningning in real life

1. She’s so pretty, she looks like a Chinese beauty

2. When I see her in real life, she looks like a cute baby

3. She looks so pretty just by looking at the pictures

4. Just looking at the pictures and videos, she looks so pretty

5. Doesn’t she look like Chinese actor Zhou Mi? Every time I see her, they look alike

6. Sometimes I think Ningning looks like Jennie. Sometimes in some pictures, there are times when they look alike because of the angle

7. I always thought Ningning was the prettiest in Aespa

8. She’s really pretty these days

9. Ningning is not my favorite member, but I was surprised when I saw Ningning in real life

10. Hasn’t there been a lot of talk about Ningning as the visual member?

11. Personally, she’s the first member that caught my eye, and she looks like Jennie

12. I think she’s the prettiest in Aespa

13. She looks like Jennie + Joy

14. Her face is pretty, but she’s Chinese, so people don’t like her very much

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