Aespa Ningning’s shocking confession about her eyes

“I can barely see anything in my right eye” Aespa Ningning’s shocking confession

Ningning shared, “Eyedrops because my eyesight isn’t really good. I underwent surgery when I was younger. I can barely see anything in this right eye. This is a secret. So, I bring eye drops with me to make sure my eyes aren’t too dry.”

1. I feel bad for her

2. Oh my god… I don’t think this can be cured with surgery

3. But they still force her to wear contact lenses on stage?? Are they crazy?

4. Isn’t it too much to wear contact lenses while working?

5. Ningning, don’t get sick..

6. I’m worried because she will wear a lot of contact lenses while working…ㅠㅠㅠ

7. Is it okay to wear contact lenses while working? Did she talk to her doctor about it…?

8. She must’ve worked so hard…ㅠㅠ

9. I think she was wearing contact lenses while working.. Is she okay?

10. Contact lenses and makeup are essential when promoting as an idol… I hope she takes good care of her eyes

11. Hul… She needs to be careful on stage

12. Ningning, please take good care of your eyes

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