Aespa Winter shows off the Jentle Salon gift set from BLACKPINK Jennie

Aespa Winter Instagram (Gentle Monster sunglasses)

Those sunglasses are from Jennie x Gentle Monster

1. Wow, this combination is amazing!

2. Daebakㅋㅋ They are friends

3. How do these two know each other????

4. Jennie and Winter’s combination is daebak

5. Supporting the combination of 3rd and 4th generation female idols

6. The combination of adorable and pretty idols

7. The combination is unimaginable

8. I want to see two-shot of Jennie and Winter

9. This style suits you so well, but are you friends with Jennie? Daebak

10. The combination is amazing.. Winter is so pretty

11. Karina is close to Jisoo, but Winter is also close to Jennie?! I remember they went to BLACKPINK’s concert

12. Wow, Jennie and Winter’s combination is seriously amazing

13. They are close friends…? Please show me two-shot

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