Aespa Winter’s skinny body makes fans worry

Aespa Winter, the skinny body of all time… Ribs exposed ‘Are you okay’

Aespa Winter’s skinny body makes fans worry

1. She was sick a while ago and has lost weight…

2. Whether Winter is skinny or fat, I hope she stays healthy

3. She couldn’t even go to the concert because she was sick until recently. I hope she stays healthy

4. Wow I thought it was Taeyeon in the first picture

5. She shouldn’t wear clothes that show her belly

6. It doesn’t matter as long as she’s healthy. And Winter lost more weight because she was sick…

7. I think Winter who practiced dancing and standing on stage was stronger than the commoners who didn’t exercise. Please take good care of yourself

8. Female idols will take care of their own bodies, leave them alone

9. What is coordi doing? That outfit doesn’t suit her

10. But seriously she’s so skinny… I hope she’s healthy

11. Coordi should change her outfit

12. Wow, she’s so skinny, but she really looks like Taeyeon in the first picture

13. Winter, don’t get sick ㅠㅠㅠ

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Honesty I’ve seen people with this figure.
Seems like that’s her natural shape, so it’s fine. But if she has this figure by rigorous dieting n all….then it’s a worrisome matter


From what I’ve seen, Aespa is probably the most relaxed in terms of dieting among 4th gen girl groups. Like you said, it seems to be her natural build. It’s possible for you to be super lean and still be healthy. A good example would be Rosé. Her energy is always consistent on stage.

However, Winter seems really frail, like the type of person to fall sick easily. They even mentioned that she doesn’t sweat at all, which is usually not a good sign.

The good thing is unlike their former groups, SM actually seems to be letting these girls eat what they want and skip schedules and rest if they’re sick, so that’s an improvement. Health is the most important thing, after all. I hope she’s in good health always!

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if you believe that then you haven’t been paying attention
sm is a company with evil management teams, diet would not be publicly stated but you can bet that they are forced to by management


I’ve been watching their content quite a bit doubt they all have access to nutritionists/dieticians and there’s some level of restriction on what they eat, but my point is that SM is more relaxed with them compared to the likes of SNSD, f(x) and RV, who have all at some point exposed their management for their ridiculous diets.

Even in one of their recent contents the Aespa members spoke about how they like to gorge on junk food often. At the very least, they’re not eating like 1000 calories a day.

Truth speaker

Still not as bad as wongyong? (,idk her name)
Winters face also looks skinnier when she got skinny but her legs are still sturdy. Wongyong whole is not just skinny but you can see her skeleton structure not just ribs but even hands and joints but her face is still chubby


Wonyoung better than this plastic monster


can you please shut up and stop setting wonyoung up??? you clearly wants to attract hate towards wonyoung here you’re clearly not a fan. you’re so miserable


She looks like a plastic horse




she looks like a malnourished tranny

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