Aespa’s 3rd mini album surpasses 1.56 million copies in first week

1st place among girl groups

Congratulations to Aespa

1. I really like their songs

2. I really like all the songs

3. 1st place in first week sales of girl groups!!!

4. I like all the songs this time

5. Hul, Aespa is so popular… I also like Aespa’s songs

6. Aespa is the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠ All the b-side songs this time are good

7. Wow, they sell really well

8. I like all the songs in the album

9. This album is a masterpiece

10. They finally surpassed BLACKPINK

11. Aespa deserves it, I love their songs

12. I’ve listened to all the songs in the album and the songs are all good! Out of all the albums released so far, this is the best~

13. I’m glad Aespa is doing well, congratulations~

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