Aespa’s current situation after Lee Soo Man left SM

Miss Lee Soo Man so much

[+474, -346]

1. [+249, -20] What? But looking at their journalist pictures, they look so pretty, especially Winter and Ningning

2. [+215, -57] But they’re still much better than Kazuha’s weird braㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+208, -10] They were so pretty todayㅋㅋ Giselle’s outfit was a bit disappointing, but the other three members looked good. Their faces were so pretty today

4. [+204, -12] Winter and Ningning are f*cking pretty

5. [+200, -18] Aren’t they so fresh and pretty? Ningning was especially pretty today

6. [+161, -55] They look like a group from a small company..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think the group name should have been Cotton Candy and the song name was Tin

7. [+96, -4] I think the members except Giselle are all well dressed? Since it’s a showcase, there will be more pretty outfits in the future.. But Giselle’s outfit is really disappointing

8. [+57, -2] I love these outfits

9. [+54, -1] Please make Karina have black hair

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SM! Change 👏 their 👏 stylists👏 and 👏 MUAH 👏 team! Please!

Truth speaker

Why is the journalist pics so edited?


2. [+215, -57] But they’re still much better than Kazuha’s weird braㅋㅋㅋ

Wbk MYs were part of the ssera hate train! Enjoy the China sales, but know that SM and Kakao want them to be popular in the us and it’s neeeeeeever gonna happen. 💕

Truth speaker

They gave that girl on right gym outfit


prettier than j*nnie


They look plastic ugly and tackler than usual

Seungri Oppa ❤️

They need God Seungri ❤️ insight. like how God Seungri ❤️ elevated Big Bang to popularity.




Not the Lee Soo Man bugs crawling out, acting like this isn’t the best result for a comeback Aespa has had in a while. Ning Ning is receiving positive responses for the first time in Korea. Even I was surprised at how pretty she was. Winter in their B-side Unhappy is also legendary. Karina in Spicy MV was also shockingly good.

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