Aespa’s ‘MY WOLRD’ album sales in China are 1,001,003 copies

Karina 476,043 copies
Ningning 309.086 copies
Winter 176,253 copies
Giselle 39,621 copies

Total 1,001,003 copies

1. Their Chinese fans seem to have the strongest core, they didn’t even go to China, but Chinese fans spent the most money

2. Wow, more than half of the album sales in the first week were from China

3. Karina is so popular in China

4. It’s strange that Karina is popular in China and Winter is popular in Japan

5. There’s a reason why SM can’t lose China

6. Karina is crazy… She’s so popular… Well, that’s because she’s a god…

7. I heard that Karina is the one top fandom of 4th generation female idols

8. There’s a reason why SM is obsessed with China

9. Karina is more popular than Ningning in China??

10. The difference between a popular member and an unpopular member is more than 10 times, it’s too big

11. The difference in popularity among the members is obvious

12. Isn’t it good to make a lot of money in China? Why are you guys mocking them?

13. Wow~ As expected, Karina!

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