Aespa’s visuals are crazy today

1. Ningning is so pretty… so cute…

2. Karina is so pretty

3. Giselle, why is she so pretty?

4. Karina looks like Taeyeon in the second picture

5. Ah Winter is handsome and pretty

6. Please keep Ningning’s makeup style… Ninning’s beauty is crazy

7. Karina looks like Taeyeon these days

8. Everyone is so pretty!!!! Giselle is so pretty when her makeup is so light and neat

9. Ningning is seriously pretty, her hairstyle suits her well

10. I thought the second one was Taeyeon

11. Winter’s visuals are crazy these days

12. I like Giselle these days…

13. Because Karina has black hair, she looks like Taeyeon

14. Ningning looks like Joy

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