After BTS’ enlistment, the battle of boy groups next year will be fierce

The battle of male idol groups next year will be fierce

Because it’s BTS’s enlistment era

Stray Kids, Seventeen, NCT Dream

I think the competition for Album of the Year will be fierce

Seventeen: they’re stable

Stray Kids: This album sold 3 million copies (2nd all time), the tour was so successful

NCT Dream: SM let them come back 3 times this year and they got Daesang at the Genie Music Awards, so their next year is so bright

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1. Looks like it was written by a fan of NCT Dreamㅋㅋ NCT Dream doesn’t have many overseas fans, and they’re even less popular than NCT 127, so why do they keep pushing them?

2. Wow but the people there have a chance now

3. Aren’t the Seventeen members going to enlist next year as well?

4. The popular BTS members will beat them

5. If BLACKPINK makes a comeback next year, those groups won’t even get Album of the Year let alone Song of the Year

6. The popular BTS members or girl groups will get it

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