After BTS’ enlistment, the battle of boy groups next year will be fierce

The battle of male idol groups next year will be fierce

Because it’s BTS’s enlistment era

Stray Kids, Seventeen, NCT Dream

I think the competition for Album of the Year will be fierce

Seventeen: they’re stable

Stray Kids: This album sold 3 million copies (2nd all time), the tour was so successful

NCT Dream: SM let them come back 3 times this year and they got Daesang at the Genie Music Awards, so their next year is so bright

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1. Looks like it was written by a fan of NCT Dreamㅋㅋ NCT Dream doesn’t have many overseas fans, and they’re even less popular than NCT 127, so why do they keep pushing them?

2. Wow but the people there have a chance now

3. Aren’t the Seventeen members going to enlist next year as well?

4. The popular BTS members will beat them

5. If BLACKPINK makes a comeback next year, those groups won’t even get Album of the Year let alone Song of the Year

6. The popular BTS members or girl groups will get it

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It’s Enhypen for me. They have visuals and tall. One of the twink is kinda odd but overall they’re better than shortkids in every aspect. Their vocal sucks but somehow sounds better than NcT cause they don’t sing with nose? TXT was always meant as a 2nd tier group like shinee. They can’t get bigger somehow
Seventeen members are getting old so new kpop fan gils won’t consider stanning them.
NCT dream? Lol not a chance even in mars
Literally no star quality


It’s time for a girl group or girl group(s) to have a very strong fanbase that is also strong at voting like male fanbases . I think this is female idols rn lack the most since they excel in digital and physical.

It would be very interesting to see a gg in top two of voting criteria of daesang categories , it’s always two male groups battling it


It’s a flop off


Seventeen? But if those are also going to have to start enlisting as of next year. And the same goes for several NCT members.




Sadly, they’re only ‘strong’ in terms of album sales because of mass buying. However, in digital, voting, concerts = nothing. Groups in general that give something to talk about in most ways and not just sales: BLACKPINK, TXT, ENHYPEN, NEWJEANS and LE SSERAFIM.


Come on doesn’t matter who is you favorite group. you know it takes a lot to replace bts and replacement won’t happen maybe as successful as bts. Coming from a multifan


i’m a girl group stan but i’ve checked out every bg out there and 95% of them release unlistenable music. the other 5% are either completing their military service or in the process of enlisting, inactive or have already disbanded


Jin just became the fastest male soloist to ever hit a million album sold and that’s without counting US and UK sales. This is by no means a disrespect towards Jin because he’s doing awesome but just imagine if the maknae line releases a physical album. We all know how competitive their solo stans are plus OT7 ARMYs are gonna be as supportive. Basically, what I’m saying is, they’re a potential competition for AlOTY daesang which is what boy groups would likely aim for cause let’s be honest, they’re probably not gonna win over GGs in the SOTY category.


5. If BLACKPINK makes a comeback next year, those groups won’t even get Album of the Year let alone Song of the Year

I love how optimistic they are that BP will have a cb next year cause frankly Blinks are expecting them to cb after 2 yrs 😅


Next two years, no boy group is going to do justice to the absence of BTS as a group. The BTS members who remain continue to crush all the groups. However, those groups will finally be able to claim some achievement as a group just because BTS won’t be there. Unfortunately, BTS has to pause for the group war to stand out because with them present, they can’t.


Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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