Age of idol groups in 2023

Shinhwa: 26th year (1998/3/24)

G.O.D: 25th year (1999/1/13)

TVXQ: 21st year (2003/12/26)

Super Junior: 19th year (2005/11/06)

Big Bang: 18th year (2006/8/19)

Wonder Girls: 17th year (2007/2/10)
Kara: 17th year (2007/3/29)
F.T. Island: 17th year (2007/6/7)
SNSD: 17th year (2007/8/5)

SHINee: 16th year (2008/5/25)
2AM : 16th year (2008/7/11)
2PM: 16th year (2008/9/4)
IU: 16th year (2008/9/18)

Highlight: 15th year (2009/10/16)

CNBLUE: 14th year (2010/1/14)
Infinite: 14th year (2010/06/09)
Teen Top: 14th year (2010/07/10)

Block B: 13th year (2011/04/15)
Apink: 13th year (2011/4/19)
B1A4 : 13th year (2011/4/23)

BTOB: 12th year (2012/3/21)
EXO: 12th year (2012/4/8)
VIXX: 12th year (2012/5/24))

BTS: 11th year (2013/06/13)

Mamamoo: 10th year (2014/6/19)
Red Velvet: 10th year (2014/8/1)
WINNER: 10th year (2014/8/17)
Lovelyz: 10th year (2014/11/12)

GFriend: 9th year (2015/1/16)
CLC: 9th year (2015/3/18)
Oh My Girl: 9th year (2015/4/21)
MONSTA X: 9th year (2015/5/14)
SEVENTEEN: 9th year (2015/5/26)
Day6: 9th year (2015/09/07)
Up10tion: 9th year (2015/9/10)
iKON: 9th year (2015/9/15)
TWICE: 9th year (2015/10/20)

Astro: 8th year (2016/2/23)
WJSN: 8th year (2016/2/25)
NCT 127 : 8th year (2016/7/7)
BLACKPINK: 8th year (2016/8/8)
NCT Dream: 8th year (2016/8/25)
SF9: 8th year (2016/10/5)
Pentagon: 8th year (2016/10/10)
Victon: 8th year (2016/11/09)

Dreamcatcher: 7th year (2017/01/13)
ONF: 7th year (2017.08.03)
Golden Child: 7th year (17/08/28)
The Boyz: 7th year (2017/12/6)

fromis_9: 6th year (2018/1/24)
Stray Kids: 6th year (2018/3/25)
(G)I-DLE: 6th year (2018/5/2)
Loona: 6th year (2018/8/19)
ATEEZ: 6th year (2018/10/24)

ONEUS: 5th year (2019/1/9)
ITZY: 5th year (2019/2/12)
VERIVERY: 5th year (2019/1/9)
TXT: 5th year (2019/3/4)
DKZ : 5th year (2019/4/24)
AB6IX: 5th year (2019/5/22)
CIX: 5th year (2019/7/23)

MCND: 4th year (2020/02/27)
Cravity: 4th year (2020/4/14)
Weekly: 4th year (2020/6/30)
TREASURE: 4th year (2020/8/7)
STAYC : 4th year (2020/11/12)
Aespa: 4th year (2020/11/17)
ENHYPEN: 4th year (2020/11/30)

Billie: 3rd year (2021/11/11)
IVE: 3rd year (2021/12/1)
Xdinary Heroes: 3rd year (2021/12/6)
Lightsum: 4th year (2021/6/10)

Kep1er: 2nd year (2022/1/3)
NMIXX: 2nd year (2022/2/2)
Tempest: 2nd year (2022/3/2)
LE SSERAFIM: 2nd year (2022/5/2)
NewJeans: 2nd year (2022/8/1)

1. Shinhwa debuted the day I was born…

2. Wow, IU is in her 16th year… Seriously, she’s a living legend

3. It’s good to see SHINee next year

4. Wow KARA is a 17 year old girl group but they got #1 on music show ㅠㅠㅠ Awesome

5. In the 11th year, BTS is the only group

6. But I can’t believe BTS is in their 11th year…

7. Dream’s 8th year

8. BTOB has already entered their 12th year…(Crying)

9. Seeing things like this makes me realize that I’m really old

10. I can feel my age when I look at the age of the idols ^^

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WhatsThe Point

BTS is literally the only standing group from 2013, blows my mind


Every time I see posts like this, I’m reminded how young of a music industry “Kpop” is…

Like every other genre is older than 50 years and their creators have passed but not kpop.
Seo Taji is still alive and the industry os still establishing itself.


Bu ne biçim yaş sistemi hepsine 2 yıl eklemişler bu ne ya


6. But I can’t believe BTS is in their 11th year…

BTS is an adventurous & joyful journey.time flies with them.

but looking at the list,most of the 4th generation groups spent half of their heyday (according to kpop’s strange standard) under the 3rd generation’s shadow & this heyday seem to get shorter & shorter for them with the way groups pick fast & fall faster…
that’s my observation btw

Last edited 5 months ago by roza

I don’t know why they include groups that have not been active for a long time or that are dead or disbanded. I guess it is a vain attempt to see them revive.


TXT are not babies anymore….. Time flies….

Lazy Banana

Wow 4th gen groups are in their 6th to 7th year? 3rd gen really overshadowed them huh. Cause BTS got their first relevant daesang in their 3rd year and the first BBMAs in their 4th year… EXO got a daesang I think almost immediately. But for 4th gen groups, it feels like they’re just starting out even if they’ve been around for half a decade already.

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