All 5 members of NewJeans are pretty

All 5 members of NewJeans are pretty

The members are all pretty and have different unique vibes… My pick is Haerin, but NewJeans looked trendy and pretty when they just debuted

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1. [+68, -13] Hul, I think the reason why Newjeans is so popular is because the members are all unique and pretty. Minji and Haerin are talked about a lot about their visuals, Hanni attracts fans, Hyein and Danielle are members in charge of NewJeans’ image and identity..

2. [+62, -15] These girls are seriously all pretty… Just looking at my friends around me talking about NewJeans’ visuals, I know they’re all attractive

3. [+59, -15] I think the reason NewJeans is so popular is because of the good music and production, but each member is pretty and has unique vibes

4. [+59, -14] NewJeans members all have different vibes, NewJeans is perfect with 5 members

5. [+57, -15] When I saw Hyein at the Louis Vuitton Show, I didn’t think there was such a pretty girl, she’s seriously so pretty

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They r cute but not pretty enough, except for Danielle. Other members all look like south eastern asians


Put this effort onto a job application


and what’s wrong with being south eastern asians ?


Nothing new

Companies recruite pretty faces and then train them to be better at singing rapping and dancing.
If needed they will compensate for a ps to make them more appealing

Korean society has next level lookism
So these companies can’t always risk debuting average looking korean kids.

If ur a average looking korean idol who famous then u have a x factor that makes u diff from the rest crowd, eg g dragon, hwasa, rm, soyeon, etc. People have huge contributions to their respective groups.

If these mentioned idols face the so called pretty faced idols with average talent….they will fail in many aspects against thr average looking idols in terms of talent(s)

Compare b/w wonyoung and soyeon….their is a huge diff

(I’m not saying new jeans is untalented….ofc they are no doubt
but just telling that companies just make young and beautiful people to debut easily as compared to average looking people)


No one in Korea is naturally beautiful, they tend to have very big faces with very small eyes, it’s just plastic surgery or ugly


They are all pretty but idk why but i cant feel their presence

min heejin

they are pretty but god i never had so much problem with telling members apart. min heejin is good at marketing so i wonder why she choose to make them all so similar, especially since she want to push them indivdually judging by fashion brand deals. when i look at them i see min heejin work but can’t see their real personalities


they just look like kids…


They ARE kids tho

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