All 5 members of NewJeans are pretty

All 5 members of NewJeans are pretty

The members are all pretty and have different unique vibes… My pick is Haerin, but NewJeans looked trendy and pretty when they just debuted

[+322, -117]

1. [+68, -13] Hul, I think the reason why Newjeans is so popular is because the members are all unique and pretty. Minji and Haerin are talked about a lot about their visuals, Hanni attracts fans, Hyein and Danielle are members in charge of NewJeans’ image and identity..

2. [+62, -15] These girls are seriously all pretty… Just looking at my friends around me talking about NewJeans’ visuals, I know they’re all attractive

3. [+59, -15] I think the reason NewJeans is so popular is because of the good music and production, but each member is pretty and has unique vibes

4. [+59, -14] NewJeans members all have different vibes, NewJeans is perfect with 5 members

5. [+57, -15] When I saw Hyein at the Louis Vuitton Show, I didn’t think there was such a pretty girl, she’s seriously so pretty

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