Am I the only one who thinks that idols’ visuals are more important than their skills?

Honestly, skills are important too, but visuals are more important than skills

1. Me too

2. Honestly, even if you have good skills, if your visuals are below average, you will never be popular

3. For me, idols must have skills first

4. Idols’ visuals are the most important

5. First of all, a pretty face is essential

6. But I can’t like them for a long time if they don’t have the skills

7. I also care a bit more about their visuals, but no matter how handsome you are without any skills it’s not okay

8. I don’t think so. Idols should have skills

9. How can you be called a singer if you have no skills?

10. In the long run, skills, but visuals + skills are better

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No blackpink got neither, still popular 😅


No they have the ability to make bitch like you mad for no reason. Hoes mad

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You are right. Sonetimes i see their concert videos on my insta. They don’t sing live in almost any video. They don’t even bring the microphone to their mouths. No wonder they got so much criticism 💀


lmaoooo 😂


Dozen jisoo is the perfect example


she is the least popular tho


Still more popular than whoever your nugu fave is


rose is least popular lol and jisoo is definitley more popular than ur fav idol


how the fuck she is dozen if she can sing, write and has good stage presence + she can act. just stfu and stan ur fav dozens

meow meow

yes clearly the most important thing abt a singer is not being able to sing but being attractive ❤️


Its kpop, ofc visual going to be the most important for kpop stans. Thats why they dont have longevity. New pretty young idols debut, the old one get scrape aside. Been here since 2009, every year, they have diff ppl as pretty good looking idols, then, change change and changing again. If they dont have skills, they gonna get forgotten easily.


And then they are surprised why their country is run by talentless celebrities who had head transplants in order to make bank(Many actors and actresses can’t act, but they’re pretty and it’s the most important thing to knetz. Their idols SIT and STILL lip sync bc all they care about looking pretty in front of the cameras). They have 10-13 year old children having plastic surgeries and people calling it powerful
I once read a comment from someone who lived in sk and had this roomate who saw a certain idol & said out loud how this idol can be a celebrity when they’re so ugly. If you can be this blunt, no wonder Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery and all majority of their most popular celebrities can offer is their visuals only. I never focused on celebrities’ looks till I started following kpop


In fact, we can say that for the entire 4th gen. If you have a rich and well-established company and a wealthy family, you have already entered the industry. Almost all 4th gen idols can’t sing live. And when performing, they don’t do the choreography properly to look good in the photo 🤡


In SK, visual is the most important.


Well BTS is Great example.
Look at taehyung Jimin and Jungkook
Special Mention Jin he is not popular tho

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At least bts didn’t become famous for their relationships. Your pathetic idol comes to the fore because of jendog’s relationship. Why don’t you see that 🤣


all of them are handsome & famous!
unlike flop jennie who looks a like an east asian 😋😋😋


Focus on slutnnie, mega mind, the crimson chin and queen dozen flopsoo not having a single talent between them outside of sucking dick for brand deals.


Coming from the biggest western asslicker fans, nahhhh


Biggest western ass licker? I can only think of BP forcing themselves into America parties and spaces when there is no real demand for them to be even be there. Flop album sales. Small arena tours. Flop streams. But media play is lit. The audacity of you to set this whores up like this. No one cares about slutpink but Asia. Numbers don’t lie.

Lazy Banana

No matter how much kpop stans deny it, visuals play a big role in chopsing their bias. That’s why it’s almost always the most attractive who are the most popular. What a sad reality.


Visuals can be made though ps 😂
but skills no


A beautiful idol may attract attention, but if he/she can’t sing, dance or rap, in the end no one will take him/her seriously and his/her success will evaporate. 


Obviously. Main vocal are mostly the least popular member in the group. Good looking is the best cheat code in life


Korea is not the place to go with skill alone. They do not care unless they can call you beautiful as well. No wonder kpop sounds like Pots and pans falling down the stairs… and people still buy it because it comes with ugly ass cards.

Nct and Jisoo and her group of dozens are a prime example


And u stan stiff jin, sit down man have zero talent


Jin has no talent but his ass is Grammy nominated and praised. Is the 4th most awarded artist in history. His dancing is never an eyesore to the group like Stiffsoo, slutnie, crimson chin and even mega mind who can’t even buy synchronization if it was on clearance. Audacity in abundance to call out Jin when your group is known for lack of talent and stage presence. Who in that dozen group out singing Jin?? Exactly. Foh Midpink sympathizer and raise your standards.


u shouldn’t speak when u stan bts. the only vocalist better than jisoo is jungkook lol bts can’t sing for shit. only one of them has breath support


Not you thinking cracksoo is out singing ANYONE in BTS. That hoe don’t get lines for a reason. You literally stan a group on talentless influencers. Speaking on singing and rapping when not one hoe in that group should be on the mic. Y’all are insane.


I think that managing’s one’s weight healthy matters. I think that inherently, there is a need to keep up with visual trends in fashion, but no one in the industry currently is unattractive. Skills however, seem to be going down. People don’t know what “live” even means anymore. So, to me, skills will always mean more to me than visuals. You shouldn’t be in the entertainment industry and virtually have no talent.

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