Am I the only one who thinks that idols’ visuals are more important than their skills?

Honestly, skills are important too, but visuals are more important than skills

1. Me too

2. Honestly, even if you have good skills, if your visuals are below average, you will never be popular

3. For me, idols must have skills first

4. Idols’ visuals are the most important

5. First of all, a pretty face is essential

6. But I can’t like them for a long time if they don’t have the skills

7. I also care a bit more about their visuals, but no matter how handsome you are without any skills it’s not okay

8. I don’t think so. Idols should have skills

9. How can you be called a singer if you have no skills?

10. In the long run, skills, but visuals + skills are better

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